vietnam airlines frontline personnel inoculated against covid 19 Vietnam Airlines’ frontline personnel inoculated against COVID-19

16:34 | 13/05/2021

As many as 1,500 frontline employees of national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines are being vaccinated against COVID-19 from May 13 to 20.

first covid 19 vaccine death reported in vietnam First COVID-19 vaccine death reported in Vietnam

12:20 | 08/05/2021

Vietnam reported the first case of death after receiving AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on May 7, two months after vaccination began in the country.

pharmaceutical giants shell out billions to shareholders amid vaccine apartheid Pharmaceutical giants shell out billions to shareholders amid vaccine apartheid

15:10 | 26/04/2021

Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca have paid enough in dividends and stock buybacks to shareholders to inoculate the population of Africa.

27 years of contribution to vietnams healthcare 27 years of contribution to Vietnam’s healthcare

14:30 | 26/04/2021

AstraZeneca has become a household name around the world for its COVID-19 vaccine – however, the company’s presence in Vietnam dates back to 1994 with ...

astrazeneca jab clots link plausible but unconfirmed who experts AstraZeneca jab clots link plausible but unconfirmed: WHO experts

16:48 | 09/04/2021

A link between AstraZeneca's Covid-19 jabs and blood clots is plausible but unconfirmed, the World Health Organization's vaccine experts said Wednesday, stressing that reported occurrences ...

philippines suspends astrazeneca vaccine for under 60s Philippines suspends AstraZeneca vaccine for under 60s

16:10 | 08/04/2021

The Philippine health department suspended Thursday the use of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 jab for people under 60 after reports of blood clots overseas, in a ...

uk starts moderna jabs as astrazeneca probed UK starts Moderna jabs as AstraZeneca probed

16:18 | 07/04/2021

Britain on Wednesday began rolling out its third coronavirus vaccine, from US company Moderna, as questions mounted over jabs from the country's main supplier, AstraZeneca.

eu warns will block jab exports biden doubles goal EU warns will block jab exports, Biden doubles goal

09:54 | 26/03/2021

The European Union warned Thursday it would block certain coronavirus vaccine exports, while President Joe Biden doubled his goal for doses administered in the US ...

eu vaccine woes cloud summit despite biden appearance EU vaccine woes cloud summit despite Biden appearance

11:14 | 25/03/2021

The looming third wave of coronavirus infections and Europe's struggle to mount a vaccination drive will dominate Thursday's EU video summit, despite a welcome guest ...

overall safety of covid 19 vaccines virtually assured Overall safety of COVID-19 vaccines virtually assured

08:00 | 24/03/2021

Vietnam’s locally-made coronavirus vaccine entered a new development phase last week, bringing hopes for sufficient supply in the country later in the year.

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