highlights in anti corruption works in vietnam infographics Highlights in anti-corruption works in Vietnam (Infographics)

10:38 | 28/05/2020

Corruption in Vietnam is on the decline, which is contributing to maintaining the country’s political stability and strengthening people’s confidence.

anti corruption charge in vietnam commended Anti-corruption charge in Vietnam commended

15:00 | 04/05/2020

Vietnam’s intensified crackdown on corruption has continued to draw praise from the international community.

corruption fight needs fresh venom Corruption fight needs fresh venom

14:56 | 10/12/2012

Vietnam’s government is being urged by the international community and donors to take tougher action to eat away at corruption.

fresh drive against corruption Fresh drive against corruption

10:58 | 12/11/2012

Vietnam authorities are set to tighten their grip against corruption as proposals are being advanced to require state officials, officers of state-owned enterprises and leaders ...

corruption fight stepped up Corruption fight stepped up

14:06 | 27/08/2012

The government has intensified its corruption fight.

party aims arrow at heart of corruption Party aims arrow at heart of corruption

12:39 | 21/05/2012

Vietnam Communist Party leaders have taken a major step towards amplifying the battle against corruption.

anti corruption initiatives for 2011 awarded Anti-corruption initiatives for 2011 awarded

10:37 | 18/08/2011

Thirty-four out of over 160 projects of the Vietnam Anti-Corruption Initiative 2011 (VACI) programme, jointly held by the Government Inspectorate and the World Bank (WB), ...

State anti-corruption body comes step closer

18:01 | 31/10/2005

The anti-corruption committee to reduce bribery may be established, but under the government instead of the National Assembly, as several deputies had originally planned.

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