ericsson launches new ai powered network services Ericsson launches new AI-powered Network Services

11:15 | 20/02/2020

Ericsson has launched two new AI-powered offerings in its Network Services portfolio, enabling communications service providers to secure always-on networks.

ericsson launches new ai powered energy infrastructure operations Ericsson launches new AI-powered Energy Infrastructure Operations 

19:33 | 14/02/2020

Ericsson has launched Energy Infrastructure Operations, a new energy management solution to optimise energy consumption for communications service providers.

visa issues 2020 predictions infographic Visa issues 2020 predictions infographic

20:31 | 12/02/2020

Visa has issued five visions and predictions to keep in mind, which will supply basic luggage to help people be confident to enter 2020 and ...

set for the next industrial revolution Set for the next industrial revolution

15:00 | 02/01/2020

Machine learning and AI can play a powerful role in helping connected cities become smarter, cleaner, and more efficient. Guido Jouret, chief digital officer of ...

ibms chapter 2 in digital transformation era IBM’s chapter 2 in digital transformation era

17:19 | 18/12/2019

Via focusing on three cores namely digital and AI, hybrid cloud and responsible stewardship, IBM commits to be the chapter 2 of the path to ...

ai drives urban management future AI drives urban management future

16:24 | 18/10/2019

The fast growth of Vietnam’s economy has seen an increase of the urban population, posing significant challenges to the country’s major cities, particularly in terms ...

positioning ai startups for success Positioning AI startups for success

14:35 | 08/10/2019

If AI startups cannot jump the hurdles, their good ideas will never leave the drawing board.

ge healthcare aims to support healthcare development in vietnam GE Healthcare aims to support healthcare development in Vietnam

10:31 | 16/09/2019

GE Healthcare uses holistic solutions such as hospital planning and emerging technologies like AI to expand healthcare access in the world.

harnessing ai for healthcare revolution Harnessing AI for healthcare revolution

07:52 | 16/09/2019

In the not-so-distant future, AI will be an integral part of healthcare, allowing for faster, more reliable diagnosis and treatment while at the same time ...

siemens healthineers ai solutions for better healthcare Siemens Healthineers’ AI solutions for better healthcare

07:43 | 16/09/2019

With Industry 4.0 knocking on its doors, Vietnam is seeking solutions and partnerships to promote digital transformation in the healthcare sector. Elisabeth Staudinger, president of ...

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