catapulting sustainable agriculture and growth Catapulting sustainable agriculture and growth

14:00 | 23/09/2019

The central region is cultivating suitable conditions for promoting high-tech agricultural development, an industry helping the region to court an influx of recent investment and ...

aspirations for an agricultural cycle of sustainability Aspirations for an agricultural cycle of sustainability

14:00 | 30/05/2019

Circular economic models being applied in Vietnamese agriculture are increasingly popular, while also helping to ensure the sector develops in a sustainable manner. Phuong Hao ...

us japan kick off trade talks amid china deal optimism US, Japan kick off trade talks amid China deal optimism

10:47 | 15/04/2019

As optimism grows that the United States and China are nearing a trade deal, Japan kicks off its own negotiations with Washington from Monday (Apr ...

gvcs in reach thanks to agricultural investment GVCs in reach thanks to agricultural investment

14:21 | 27/02/2019

Over the past few years, the Vietnamese agricultural sector has gradually climbed global value chains via improvements in product quality based on modern technology. However, ...

growing opportunities for agricultural sector Growing opportunities for agricultural sector

08:00 | 07/02/2019

In 2018, the Vietnamese agro-forestry-fishery sector weathered all difficulties to hit a seven-year growth record.

expanding agricultural brands Expanding agricultural brands

16:13 | 12/12/2018

As a country with sizeable agricultural and handicraft production, Vietnam has a lot of excellent regional ­products, specialities, and handicraft items of very high quality. ...

agricultural supply demand link promoted Agricultural supply-demand link promoted

10:51 | 20/04/2018

Increasing links between farm co-operatives and enterprises is part of measures raised during a workshop yesterday to help ensure sustainable development for the agricultural sector ...

life depending on the sun under the hanois red river Life depending on the sun under the Hanoi’s Red river

16:04 | 17/03/2018

The lives of hundreds of households along the Red River in the heart of Hanoi are completely dependent on the sun for generating electricity for ...

high tech agriculture takes root High-tech agriculture takes root

15:51 | 13/08/2012

The agriculture sector for many years was an ugly duckling for investors. However, more investors are seeing its huge profit potential with the harnessing of ...

global downturn is to bite into the agriculture sectors fortunes Global downturn is to bite into the agriculture sector’s fortunes

16:29 | 15/03/2012

Vietnam’s agricultural sector is unlikely to make hay while the sun shines this year due to the global continued economic downturn.

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