digiworld sets sight on ambitious 4435 million revenue target Digiworld sets sight on ambitious $443.5 million revenue target

14:54 | 17/02/2020

Digiworld will submit its business plan for 2020 to shareholders at the annual general meeting on March 31.

eximbank rocked by resignation of chairpersons Eximbank rocked by resignation of chairpersons

16:20 | 14/07/2019

A number of key personnel of Eximbank have resigned and three chairpersons have quit over the last three months.

second shareholders meeting of eximbank fails Second shareholders' meeting of Eximbank fails

08:36 | 24/06/2019

Eximbank once again failed to get its shareholders' meeting to approve its new regulations and changes to its management board.

bad luck may not give up yeah1 Bad luck may not give up Yeah1

18:26 | 20/06/2019

The troubles of Yeah1 are far from over as in the other half of 2019 the company expects to lose hundreds of millions of US ...

shipping giant vimc to hold first shareholders meeting in late june Shipping giant VIMC to hold first shareholders’ meeting in late June 

08:28 | 11/06/2019

Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) is planning to organise its shareholders’ meeting on June 24, the first since it began operating as a joint stock company.

eximbank agm postponed again after resignation of top leaders Eximbank AGM postponed again after resignation of top leaders

10:35 | 29/05/2019

Eximbank is postponing its annual shareholders’ meeting once again, to June 2019, according to the bank’s newest press release.

vietnam airlines sets 2019 revenue target of 486 billion Vietnam Airlines sets 2019 revenue target of $4.86 billion

10:32 | 14/05/2019

Vietnam Airlines successfully organised its 2019 AGM with the participation of the CMSC, as well as representatives from the MoT and company shareholders.

problems with youtube offer valuable lessons for yeah1 Problems with YouTube offer valuable lessons for Yeah1

17:49 | 09/05/2019

Yeah1’s failed negotiations over maintaining the partnership with YouTube is a lesson in the old adage “Don’t build houses on other people’s land.”

vinasun confidently announces eight fold profit thanks to grab lawsuit Vinasun confidently announces eight-fold profit thanks to Grab lawsuit

12:08 | 03/05/2019

Thanks to winning the lawsuit against Grab, Vinasun expects to reach VND77.1 billion ($3.35 million) in 2019 profit, eight-times as much as in the past ...

national citizen bank to maintain growth momentum in 2019 National Citizen Bank to maintain growth momentum in 2019

10:00 | 27/04/2019

NCB reported positive business results in 2018 and will make an effort to maintain this growth momentum this year.

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