vietnam to issue new rules on terrestrial mobile communication terminal devices Vietnam to issue new rules on terrestrial mobile communication terminal devices 

12:26 | 29/08/2020

Vietnam will issue new technical regulations for terminal devices of terrestrial mobile communication, which will include integrating 4G into such devices.

ericsson achieves 100th 5g commercial agreements Ericsson achieves 100th 5G commercial agreements

10:29 | 14/08/2020

Ericsson has achieved its 100th commercial 5G agreement or contract with unique communications service providers, making it a significant 5G milestone.

telecoms groups gear up for battle Telecoms groups gear up for battle

10:00 | 14/08/2020

Though international technology giants like Lenovo, Keysight Technologies, and Amazon Web Services are expected to gain the advantages to move forward in the lucrative Vietnamese ...

leveraging digital infrastructure to spur on economic recovery Leveraging digital infrastructure to spur on economic recovery

13:23 | 11/08/2020

Networks are as important to nations as roads and electric grids and airports – and the pandemic stands testimony to this.

industry trends harnessing the potential of 5g with secure sd wan Industry trends: Harnessing the potential of 5G with secure SD-WAN

11:31 | 23/07/2020

5G networks have the power to transform how business gets done, but there are few devices and fewer applications that require their level of performance.

keysight technologies drives telehealth growth Keysight Technologies drives telehealth growth

21:48 | 18/07/2020

Ee Huei Sin from Keysight Technologies’ General Electronic Measurement Solutions discusses the future trends of telehealth and how 5G will advance the field.

understanding consumer ict behaviours and attitudes Understanding consumer ICT behaviours and attitudes

21:25 | 13/07/2020

A new study from Ericsson Consumer and Industry Lab has revealed that the resilience of ICT helped consumers in some way navigate the coronavirus crisis ...

enabling secure and connected digital enterprises Enabling secure and connected digital enterprises

18:03 | 29/06/2020

Previous mobile network generations have laid the foundation for the most secure communications platform based on global standards – 5G. With 5G, communication service providers ...

orientations put hanoi onto investment radar Orientations put Hanoi onto investment radar

14:00 | 25/06/2020

Amidst the global trend of investment shifts, Hanoi is betting on new orientations and solutions to increase its appeal, expecting to open opportunities for international ...

qualcomm announces first 5g snapdragon 6 series mobile platform Qualcomm announces first 5G Snapdragon 6-Series mobile platform

14:40 | 18/06/2020

Qualcomm announced the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 5G Mobile Platform to make 5G user experiences even more broadly available around the world.

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