qualcomm technologies launches new snapdragon mobile platforms Qualcomm Technologies launches new snapdragon mobile platforms

16:06 | 24/01/2020

Qualcomm Technologies launched three new mobile platforms: the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 720G, 662, and 460 to address on-going demand for 4G smartphones.

5g could boost annual revenue of vietnamese telcos by 300 million 5G could boost annual revenue of Vietnamese telcos by $300 million

10:00 | 18/10/2019

In Vietnam alone, the rollout of 5G services could boost the annual revenue of telcos by as much as $300 million from 2025, according to ...

government looks to develop 4g networks Government looks to develop 4G networks

12:06 | 27/07/2018

The Government will prioritise licencing broadband networks to develop 4G services in Vietnam.

larger 3g and 4g data packages inevitable Larger 3G and 4G data packages inevitable

16:08 | 08/07/2018

Mobile operators find it a must to come out with low-cost 3G and 4G packages.

viettel officially launches the 10th international mobile network Viettel officially launches the 10th international mobile network

18:41 | 09/06/2018

Viettel Group has officially launched the 10th international mobile network in Myanmar in Mytel brand. Mytel sets, with the fourth network operator in Myanmar, targets to become ...

viettel introduces unbelievable 4g service in golden pagoda country Viettel introduces unbelievable 4G service in golden-pagoda country

08:55 | 09/06/2018

Just one year after building telecommunications infrastructure in Myanmar, Viettel Group has brought 4G services even to remote and mountainous areas, where in the past ...

vietnam beats us in new 4g speed survey ranks second in southeast asia Vietnam beats US in new 4G speed survey, ranks second in Southeast Asia

17:17 | 24/03/2018

Vietnam’s 4G connections are much faster than the US and most of its Southeast Asia's countries, although signal is not always available, according to a ...

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