Strong ties with media a must for business

10:00 | 20/06/2019
Media has to ensure it is a balance weight, helping the business community cope with the increasing menace of fake news on social networks at present. Tran Ba Dung, head of Professional Affairs of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association, explained to VIR’s Phuong Hao how the press can play a helping hand for the business community.
strong ties with media a must for business
Tran Ba Dung

How can unverified and ­incorrect information on ­social networks affect the reputation and operations of the business community?

Bad information or misleading information on social networks has a huge impact on businesses. First of all, it makes society lose faith in them, or even lose faith in the kind of products that many businesses produce.

This type of information also makes people not believe in the market in which the business is involved.

In addition, the ambitions of bad news are usually to smear reputations or offend people. The current legal corridor has allowed businesses and individual organisations to take the fake news spreader to court when that fake news affects their prestige and operations.

It is clear that fake news has seriously affected the reputation and operation of some in the business community. But how can the press support businesses through this?

The press has a huge role in helping businesses fight against fake news on social networks. The press is a counterweight, defeating distortions and bad news on the social networks.

First of all, the press has a variety of mediums such as print, television, radio, and e-news, and it is a powerful force. With their professional skills and bravery, all press types and units can co-ordinate with each other to counter and inform on official facts of events and phenomena so that people can have another view and consider the information on social networks.

For example, when ­certain information is rampant on social networks, the press can deliver a critique for dilution. Second, by honestly and objectively reporting with valid evidence, the press provides the public and those using social networks with more multidimensional views on the issues.

To handle the spread of fake news about businesses on social networks, how should the business community co-ordinate with the press?

When such communication crises occur, the businesses should co-ordinate with the press because they are now the most decent support for the business community. The press is a place for businesses to speak, and to announce information in a formal way which helps rebut the incorrect information on social networks.

When there are incidents, businesses need to provide immediate information to the media to clarify and refute other information. In addition, they should have regular contact with the press, especially press agencies in their field. This regular contact will create a basis for the press to co-ordinate in time with the businesses in event of fake news being spread.

In addition to helping ­businesses deal with fake news, how do you assess the role that the media plays in enhancing the domestic business climate?

The press and businesses have a mutual support relationship. The vibrant activities of businesses are the richest and most vivid source of information for the press. To write about the economy, government policies, or key sectors of the economy, the press must maintain contact with the business community across the country.

While the press illustrates government policies to be right or wrong, it needs to be based on the practice of businesses. In contrast, the press is a source of information about the socio-economic situation of localities and the country, helping businesses adjust their operations and development strategies.

The press is also a forum to connect businesses together. Through this channel, the business community can consult and learn from each other. Furthermore, the press is both a reflecting place and critique of economic development guidelines and policies for the business community.

The press lays out businesses’ problems with outdated and inappropriate policies. It also offers new models and methods of doing things, and typical examples for businesses to learn from each other.

Finally, it is also a forum to reflect the needs of their customers, through which businesses can adjust their policies so that they can develop successfully.

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