Sony to replace Kevin Spacey in upcoming movie

08:54 | 10/11/2017
LOS ANGELES: Following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacey, Sony and director Ridley Scott are planning on replacing the Oscar-winning actor, who plays John Paul Getty, in their upcoming release of All the Money in the World with Christopher Plummer.
Kevin Spacey has faced a barrage of allegations of sexual harassment (Photo: AFP/Nicholas Kamm)

The film is expected to open on Dec 22. Sources say they plan to shoot Plummer's scenes over the next couple of weeks and insert his footage in time to make the release.

Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams also star in the movie, and are expected to be involved with the reshoots. Sources say the shoot is plausible, as there are plenty of scenes where Getty is the only main character in the shot.

Sources estimated Spacey shot around two weeks worth of footage, meaning the deadline is not impossible, but still quite tough to pull off.

The film was recently pulled from the AFI Fest due to the news revolving around Spacey, but the studio was standing by releasing the film on its original date.

The Black List screenplay, written by David Scarpa, centers on the 1973 kidnapping in Italy of J Paul Getty III - the rebellious teenage grandson of oil billionaire J Paul Getty, who was reluctant to pay the US$17 million ransom demanded by the kidnappers.

Reuters/ AFP

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