Soda’s thirst for Vietnam

10:16 | 01/11/2012
As the concern about data protection schemes, storage access control and privacy policies adopted by cloud storage providers is growing, Singapore’s Soda Private Limited has introduced Soda security software application and this firm is targeting Vietnam. Prof. Lam Kwok-Yan, director and co-founder of Soda Private Limited, talks with VIR’s Nhu Ngoc.

Seems like the company’s Soda product is getting attention from many users. Why?

As you know, more and more people are turning to clouds for storing their data online.

Documents, pictures and video files kept in cloud storages can be easily accessed from anywhere with Internet connections. They can be synchronised across various computing and smartphone devices, and shared among friends, colleagues and business partners.

Following a number of recent security incidents and service disruptions, cloud users are becoming concerned over the data protection schemes, storage access control and privacy policies adopted by cloud storage providers.

Being a state-of-the-art cryptographic solution, Soda empowers you to take full control of your precious data in a seamless and transparent way. With Soda, you can now take advantage of the many benefits cloud storage offers without the fear of putting your private and business data in the wrong hands.

Soda provides a strong protection mechanism that encrypts data transparently, before saving them in the cloud and likewise, seamlessly decrypts data after downloading them from the cloud.

Integrated with our in-house developed RamDisk technology, Soda does not cache or store any data in clear form in device permanent memory. Your data is protected against unauthorized access by malicious codes and intruders.

Soda comes with powerful features including digital safe, image browser, note editor and private address book, for organising and protecting every bit of your personal and business data from unauthorised access.

For users of the Premium version, Soda protects files and attachments that you intend to exchange with other Soda users via emails, Bluetooth and the cloud. Encrypted files can only be opened and read by the intended recipients you have selected.

The important features of Soda can easily understood, however how can you reach out to users in developing markets such as Singapore or Hong Kong is like?

The need for information safety in any country in the world is very important, as the back side of the breakthroughs in information technology will create a huge hole for the intrusion, theft account information, a leak of personal images occurred for commercial intention.

Or as simple as you just imagine what would happen if severe medical information of one tycoon appeared in the newspapers that will badly affect the stock market. And it will be getting more serious when it involves several impacts on investors solidarity. So with the developed markets such as Hong Kong or Singapore, we encourage users to use Soda as a measure to protect the medical information when it only encapsulates loop control between doctors and patients, to avoid information can be sneaked out by any other way.

So what makes you think that Vietnam will be a potential market to launch and develop this product here?

We believe that there is no barrier in any market for the technology to benefit users. Moreover, Vietnam is a huge market with an increasing number of users. Especially the economic growth in banking, finance and even medical service in Vietnam could be a land full of opportunities that our company can reach. And to be compared with Singapore, Vietnam also has a similar culture and corresponding trend.

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