Smart sanitation for 21st century living

08:00 | 09/04/2020
In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, “smart living” is present in every corner of the house, even the toilets, thus “smart sanitary ware” is no longer an obscure peculiarity. Holding this trend, manufacturers have been rolling out innovative solutions and technologies that enable the sustainable usage of water and bring back "Good living" for all, including Vietnam.
smart sanitation for 21st century living

LIXIL Vietnam focuses on bringing “Good Living” and smart sanitation to Vietnamese people through a brand portfolio including GROHE, INAX, American Standard, and Tostem

After a long wait, Hang’s family finally moved into her dream house, which was introduced as one of the smartest apartment projects in Hanoi. In the new home, everything from the sound equipment to the security system and even bathroom products are connected to smartphones and automatically operated.

Specifically, "Out of house" mode helps turn off all electronics automatically when family members are out and awake them upon their return. Alerts and requests for help can also be sent from a long distance to the building’s management after receiving warnings on residents' smart phone.

Additionally, the owner can even get a steaming hot bath waiting when stepping into the bathroom. At current smart homes, technology intergrated into smartphone applications can also be linked with the bathroom, which brings back a fantastic shower experience that goes beyond washing the body.

Market of smart sanitary ware is heating up

The rising smart home trend in Vietnam has been accelerated by the growing technological sophistication as Vietnam leads the world in the growth of smartphone traffic. Furthermore, the rise of millennials and their growing tech-savviness also boost preference for technology.

In addition, the rise in new home sales, ever-larger urbanisation, growth in disposable incomes, and living improvements also fuel the demand for sanitary ware as well as bathroom accessories, which are key everyday conveniences, across the region. In addition, the introduction of innovative technologies such as dual flush, aerators, and smart control is one of the key points that augment the growth of the Vietnamese sanitary ware and bathroom accessories market.

According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, the Vietnamese sanitary ware and bathroom accessories market hit $443.4 million in 2018, and the figure is expected to reach $685.2 million by 2025, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4 per cent.

In such a dynamic market, key players include LIXIL Vietnam, CAESAR Bathroom, Innoci Vietnam, Jaquar Group, TOTO Ltd., and Viglacera Corporation. Especially, according to the evaluation of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories distributor Son My, three of the top five high-end sanitary ware brands in Vietnam (American Standard, INAX, and GROHE) come from LIXIL Vietnam.

At LIXIL, GROHE is a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. GROHE has been developing new product categories since its inception. This includes the GROHE Blue and Red water systems and the recently-introduced GROHE Sense water security system, which is an innovative component in the growth market of smart home technology. Innovation, design, and development are closely aligned with one another and are enshrined in the German site as an integrated process.

As a result, GROHE products carry the “Made in Germany” seal of quality. Regarding shower faucets, GROHE is known for leading technologies such as EcoJoy water-saving, Grohe TurboStat adjusting the temperature to the appropriate level, Grohe CoolTouch ensuring that the entire outer surface never exceeds your preferred shower temperature, or Grohe Light technology making sure there is no lead and nickel in drinking water.

smart sanitation for 21st century living

Perfect shower set from GROHE brings a fantastic experience via leading technologies

INAX, another brand under LIXIL, is also in the frontlines of the smart living trend by its smart shower toilet. After more than 50 years of development, INAX showertoilet today has many convenient and modern functions such as the automatic lid, relaxing music, dim light, heated toilet seat, and deodoriser.

smart sanitation for 21st century living

Smart shower toilet from INAX is also widely chosen for smart homes

In addition to smart solutions, the bathroom began to integrate advanced platform solutions such as flushing technology and antibacterial technology. To keep the bathroom safe, clean, and hygienic, American Standard has invested in the HygieneClean System – a new safety standard in the bathroom, embodied by the powerful flushing technologies and the superior improvements of ComfortClean and Aqua Ceramic, the first material in the world that is able to address the four main issues that affect the cleanliness of toilets: scuffing and scratching, marks from waste, stains caused by prolonged exposure to hard water, and the build-up of bacteria.

smart sanitation for 21st century living

Aerozen G2 with HygieneClean

Being one of the leaders in the water and housing products industry, LIXIL offers comprehensive solutions that solve everyday and real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.

A pioneer in sustainable development

Not only focusing on the convenience and experience of customers, LIXIL is also concerned about sustainability. The corporation believes that living space – the environment where people live, work, and play – are critical to our daily lives and well-being. As a result, LIXIL are committed to ensuring that the growth of its businesses contributes to improving the quality of people’s lives, by delivering safe and comfortable products and services through responsible and sustainable innovations. Leveraging the scale and expertise of the four core technology business units, LIXIL focuses on making a positive impact in the communities in which it operates and in matters that require urgent action.

The group is committed to conserving water, energy, and other natural resources utilised in products and services across the supply chain from procurement through production, distribution, end use, and product disposal.

In order to realise this commitment, the group has declared its Environment Vision 2030 with specific targets. By 2030, the positive environmental contribution from their products and services will surpass the environmental footprint of LIXIL's entire business process, thus, achieving a net-zero environmental footprint.

The group will achieve this through innovative technologies, such as low-carbon and water-efficient technology, and also by reducing the environmental impact of every process of the business, including procurement, production, product use, and disposal.

Operating for over 20 years, LIXIL Vietnam has become the leading manufacturer of sanitary wares, tiles, and sash for residential and commercial buildings in the market.

It operates three showrooms – one in Hanoi, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh City each – and five operational manufacturing plants nationwide. The company 's approach comes to life through industry-leading brands, including INAX, GROHE, American Standard, and Tostem. The most popular brand is INAX with a wide portfolio of products distributed through 8,000 stores across the country.

Vietnam is one of the most promising markets for LIXIL and the group has committed to enhancing Vietnamese people’s lives via building solutions and water technologies in the most sustainable ways possible.

By Kim Oanh

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