Small business: How to become a magnet employer?

13:47 | 04/12/2013
While large corporations busy themselves with management trainee program or cover newspapers with their attractive job advertisements, as a small business, what will you do to seize your opportunities in the race of recruiting?

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David and the giant

Within this article, “small business” refers to both micro - enterprises (less than 10 employees) and small enterprises (from 10 to 200 employees). Most of these are new-established enterprises.

The factors such as limited budget, unfamiliar brand name make it difficult to recruit new employees in these companies. However, just like David, small businesses have their own strength to defeat the giants. Let spend 10 minute reviewing these strengths to apply them in your next recruitment.

1.      The comfortable and open environment:

Your staffs have never complained that they have to wear boring uniforms. They come to company with stories to share, jokes and they are willing to help each other in every duty.

Indeed, the intimate and comfort work environment is undeniable advantage of small business. You should highlight it in job advertismentand in the interviews.

2.      The opportunity to practise wide range of work: small business is an ideal space for dynamic people. Each employee will not only be proficient in a certain area but also gain knowledge in related field. For example: accountant get HR skills, marketing executives also have experience in digital and PR…

Based on this, you can set criteria for recruitment by choosing the dynamic people that yearn to challenge themselves in different areas. Because small and new- established companies often undergo extreme change during their development process, requiring the employees to be always flexible to catch up with and develop along this change.

3.      Responsibilities associated with achievements: your company just like a team, in which everyone is a “key person” that expertising in a certain areas. Each person deeply understands that he or she has  irreplaceable role, and this is a motivation for working with enthusiasm and getting achievements.

Whenever you conduct recruitment, remember to share with your candidates on a chance to become a core member, to enrich themselves with professional value. You can build employee stock ownership plan or special benefits for pioneers to attract more talents.

4.      Prospect of promotion: Working for small company, especially having adherence from the beginning of business, the employees will have much a lot of chances to become a leader of manager.

You need to reveal a strong position in the future to suitable candidates. Besides, you also need to create a training and developing program for your staffs to make your promises come true.

5.      Staying close to the leader: There is no significant distance between the leader and staffs. You not only understand your staffs in work but also in their social life. Therefore, you staffs feel free to share their aspirations. This greatly supports the employee orientation and development program. You can also take advantage of this in recruitment.

Creat your irrisistible attraction

In addition to above advantages, small business can improve recruitment effectiveness by employer branding, recruitment chanel and job advertisment.

Employer brand is the first element that impacts the decision to apply for the job or accept job offer. A strong employer brand is regarded as “best work place” for employees. You need to combine many items to create a strong employer brand, such as: recruitment policy, working environment, extra curricular activities and business branding…The goal of these activities should be to increase employee satisfaciton.

Small business need to appreciate recruitment chanels because this is the door leading to talents. Online chanels are the best choice for they bring the best effectiveness and economic. Choosing a good recruitment website also helps improve the image of your company in a large number of candidates. Moreover, the prestige of recruitment websites such as VietnamWorks also help attract more quality candidates.

Along with choosing recruitment chanel, job advertisement is good for increasing attraction. With a creative and unique advertisement to make deep impression to job seekers.


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