electric bicycle producers gather momentum Electric bicycle producers gather momentum

22-11-2017 16:45

Electric bicycle producers are getting in a fierce competition by releasing new lines, applying smart technology, and lowering prices.

green choices offer sustainable business development Green choices offer sustainable business development

27-05-2014 10:13

Through inspiring firms to go green in their production and business, the amended Law on Environmental Protection would also be expected to help enhance the competitive advantage of Vietnamese businesses as well as the country’s economic position in the world.

golden era for cinema beckons Golden era for cinema beckons

28-05-2013 17:00

The curtain is being lifted on Vietnam’s cinema industry.

asianas csr activities are flying high in vietnam Asiana’s CSR activities are flying high in Vietnam

26-02-2013 15:17

Asiana Airlines,  one of two major air carriers in South Korea,  has been honoured as one of top 10 airlines in the world in 2012.

ibk deposits good will into nation IBK deposits good will into nation

25-12-2012 08:56

Industrial Bank of Korea is one of Korean businesses which have actively handled CSR activities since setting foot in Vietnam.

exports show their best face to vietnam Exports show their best face to Vietnam

12-11-2012 15:28

A sharp hike in Korean cosmetics and food exports to Vietnam in recent years has prompted the need for firms from the two countries to step up bilateral investment and trade.

lotte group shoots for some winning csr goals Lotte Group shoots for some winning CSR goals

31-10-2012 08:54

Lotte Group’s Vietnam-based members are helping train a generation of young, highly skilled footballers, laying a foundation for Vietnamese football industry to stretch regionally and globally.

firms pushed against the wall Firms pushed against the wall

13-06-2012 16:47

The tough business climate and tight capital sources continue to take a toll on firms.

logistics firms get moving Logistics firms get moving

28-05-2012 16:46

Local logistics firms are mulling ramping up operational efficiency before the market totally opens to foreign investors from 2014.

steel sector gets the jitters Steel sector gets the jitters

05-05-2012 16:55

Big steel firms are standing firm against rising market dangers.

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