vingroup may break into us market through acquisition of lg smartphone business Vingroup may break into US market through acquisition of LG smartphone business

11 giờ 52 phút

Local conglomerate Vingroup is looking like the largest bidder for LG Electronics’ smartphone production line to support plans of setting foot in the US.

patience needed for startup success Patience needed for startup success

6 ngày trước

Under pandemic-induced restrictions, capital for startups has been tightened as investment funds struggle with adversity.

general department of taxation accelerates collection from cross border platforms General Department of Taxation accelerates collection from cross-border platforms

18-01-2021 20:38

Ensuring the tax obligations of 70 per cent of individuals and organisations earning from cross-border platforms will be the leading mission of the General Department of Taxation (GDT).

covid 19 and decree 100 keep hampering the local beer sector from recovery COVID-19 and Decree 100 keep hampering the local beer sector from recovery

18-01-2021 15:19

2021 may be far from promising for the local beer and alcohol sector because of the prolonged disruptions from COVID-19.

is hm unfit to pursue strategy to grow number of stores Is H&M unfit to pursue strategy to grow number of stores?

16-01-2021 21:29

As the global market is growing tougher for fashion retailers, Sweden-based H&M decided to expand its network of outlets in Vietnam. However, the strategy may not work out as planned due to the strong preference for online retail.

momo announced its completion of series d funding round MoMo announced its completion of Series D funding round

13-01-2021 17:23

Leading local e-wallet MoMo has published the results of its successful Series D capital mobilisation, including Goodwater Capital, Kora Management, and Macquarie Capital among the largest names.

zalo shop cutting the tree under itself with new subscription charge Zalo Shop cutting the tree under itself with new subscription charge

09-01-2021 10:00

Online vendors are protesting the decision by Zalo Shop to begin charging subscription fees, claiming its product offering and market share are nowhere close to warranting the step.

omnichannel on the rise thanks to covid 19 Omnichannel on the rise thanks to COVID-19

06-01-2021 09:53

Sapo’s latest survey on more than 10,000 vendors showed the impact of COVID-19 has made 2020 a difficult year for businesses specialised in catering services, accommodations, and hospitality. However, thanks to omnichannel, part of them managed to churn out positive results in the last months of the year.

ukvfta boost vietnam and uk bilateral trade UKVFTA boost Vietnam and UK bilateral trade

04-01-2021 17:44

With great export prospects from the UK-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA), exports to the UK may make up more than a single per cent ($700 billion) of Vietnam's import turnover.

cross border taxation to bolster national budget Cross-border taxation to bolster national budget

04-01-2021 14:47

Collecting tax from cross-border platforms as well as people profiting from them is the government’s leading mission in 2021, helping to supplement a sizeable income to the national budget.

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