bizpay of vpbank no more headache with liabilities management BizPay of VPBank: No more headache with liabilities management

07-05-2019 09:51

Slated for official roll-out right this month, BizPay, with its multiple advantages and automation attributes, promises to entail breakthroughs in liabilities management as well as tackling businesses’ short-term capital demands.

uber exit threatens grab monopoly in southeast asia Uber exit threatens Grab monopoly in Southeast Asia

29-03-2018 11:17

On April 8, US-headquartered ride-hailing juggernaut Uber will officially transfer its operations in Vietnam and seven other ASEAN countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore to its long-time rival, Grab.

korean investors crowd vietnams credit sector Korean investors crowd Vietnam's credit sector

21-03-2018 16:30

Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, KEB Hanam, and Lotte Card are among the Korean investors currently present in the Vietnamese credit market, aiming to grasp the top spots in the credit card segment which previously was rated as "highly potential."

mobile pay the great potential and pitfalls Mobile pay: the great potential, and pitfalls

11-01-2018 14:00

Mobile payments – and QR code payments in particular – are beginning to take hold in Vietnam, but a lack of common payment standards poses many challenges for mobile payment providers.

low car spells doom for state owned banks Low CAR spells doom for state-owned banks

30-12-2017 13:04

State-owned commercial banks are growing concerned over the critically low capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of around 9 per cent, which also hit the minimum required CAR for the Vietnamese banking system.

local banks learn a trick from fintech with qr pay Local banks learn a trick from fintech with QR pay

08-11-2017 08:00

Local banks are deploying the use of quick response codes for contactless payments, a move set in anticipation of the involvement of some of the world’s largest players.

credit boom raises banks 3rd quarter Credit boom raises banks’ 3rd quarter

25-10-2017 08:00

Banks have generated hefty profits in the year’s first three quarters, buoyed by healthy credit growth.

korean investors contest vietnamese consumer finance Korean investors contest Vietnamese consumer finance

12-10-2017 16:30

Since the beginning of the year, myriad financial investors from South Korea have been actively searching for opportunities to enter the Vietnamese banking sector, especially the consumer finance segment. A typical example is Lotte Card, who is negotiating to acquire Techcom Finance.

sbv puts forward new regulation to do away with weak banks SBV puts forward new regulation to do away with weak banks

24-08-2017 13:40

If approved, the new regulation will force weak credit institutions to be acquired by stronger competitors assigned by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), and letting those who fail to recover to face bankruptcy.

thriving online lending carries potential risks Thriving online lending carries potential risks

31-07-2017 16:30

Along with the development of digital technology, online lending is getting more popular by inducing numerous benefits for both borrowers and lenders. However, it also contains some possible risks that all should be wary of. 

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