real estate dynamics in year ahead Real estate dynamics in year ahead

23-02-2018 13:08

2017 ended with mixed insights on market dynamics in the following years. Developers, buyers, and lessors are chasing after investment opportunities before the market shifts. Vietnam continues to be a promising land for foreign investors, while other neighbouring countries have become mature and thus less attractive.

energy savings offer food for thought Energy savings offer food for thought

24-02-2014 08:36

The food processing industry still has enormous potential for development even in the currently tough business climate, according to Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Ho Thi Kim Thoa. However, support measures from the government and commitment by firms to develop would be crucial to make the most of these multiple opportunities. 

green code for new buildings Green code for new buildings

21-10-2013 14:42

The enforcement of the new Building Energy Efficiency Code from November 15 provides a significant step forward in improving standards and reducing energy consumption for new buildings in Vietnam.

green growth sprouts from green investment Green growth sprouts from green investment

07-10-2013 09:51

The fast pace of economic development has serious consequences for the environment and socio-economic development, both on a global and national scale; and the implications of climate change are some of the greatest challenges Vietnam currently faces.

japanese yen initiative fails to turn heads Japanese yen initiative fails to turn heads

27-12-2004 18:15

The Japanese government’s attempts to promote the yen currency in the Vietnamese market via a trading fund initiative to support local exporters has yet to take off in Vietnam, where the dollar remains the currency of choice for export transactions.

incombank set to enjoy loan privilege Incombank set to enjoy loan privilege

23-11-2004 18:15

The government is likely to grant a special privilege concerning the lending limit for one state-owned commercial bank so it could fund a capital-thirsty national power transmission lines project developed by Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).

banks shy away from dap plant Banks shy away from DAP plant

08-11-2004 18:15

Commercial banks are casting a shadow over the country’s first fertiliser plant, failing to approve the $75-million loan package that the project hopes to receive this year.

banks keep shipbuilding sector afloat Banks keep shipbuilding sector afloat

25-10-2004 18:15

For the first time in Vietnam, three state-owned banks have joined forces to provide a guarantee on the country’s largest ever shipbuilding export deal.

local currency lends economy a helping hand Local currency lends economy a helping hand

12-10-2004 18:15

The Vietnamese dong has remained steady during the first nine months of the year, and its stability against the US dollar and other hard currencies will continue until year-end, financial experts have said.

rubber cheques will be bounced out of vietnam ‘Rubber’ cheques will be bounced out of Vietnam

06-10-2004 18:15

The government has announced several measures to boost the use of cheques in the country, including a rather draconian one to dissuade people from issuing ‘rubber’ cheques.

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