rate race distorts banking system Rate race distorts banking system

04-04-2011 08:47

Interest rate management has forced local lenders to break fundamental market rules to mobilise funds.

reserve hike scotched Reserve hike scotched

07-03-2011 07:30

Vietnam’s top banking official is ruling out raising reserve requirements suggested by local economists, but further monetary tightening is still needed.

rising cpi breaks the double digit barrier Rising CPI breaks the double digit barrier

30-12-2010 07:28

The consumer price index has penetrated double-digit territory, casting a dark shadow on the start of 2011.

Rating downgrade sharply turns up the heat

21-12-2010 09:05

Moody’s downgrading of Vietnam’s government bonds means Vietnam will face mounting pressure to further tighten monetary policies and depreciate its currency.

Interest rate a rampaging bull as market forces ruling

15-11-2010 17:33

The market rate went on the rampage last week after authorities allowed the banking system to use market forces to set interest rates.

Further depreciation now on the cards?

13-09-2010 06:00

The currency depreciation in mid-August was no little surprise to banking community, but a further depreciation could be on the cards.

rethink for criteria Rethink for criteria ?

31-08-2010 22:18

Following local lenders’ petitions, the State Bank might rethink applying strict banking  safety criteria.

promised credit growth is becalmed in 2010 Promised credit growth is becalmed in 2010

19-07-2010 17:37

Credit growth has fallen off the pace in the year’s first half, but a possible acceleration is in the wings.

credit market growth brings uneasy feeling Credit market growth brings uneasy feeling

14-06-2010 18:09

Unprecedented credit market movements are making the banking sector nervous. According to the State Bank’s latest monthly report, outstanding loans expanded by 1.86 per cent in May, 2010.

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