attacking inflation key to a recovery Attacking inflation key to a recovery

09-05-2011 08:00

There is both positive and negative news for the equity market in May, although none of it is predicted to be significant.

while yet before corner is turned While yet before corner is turned

04-04-2011 10:26

The equity market, by both performance and liquidity, was heavily impacted by the macroeconomic factors in 2011’s first quarter.

caution needed amid a tricky feb Caution needed amid a tricky Feb

14-02-2011 08:00

“We recommend investors focus on bluechips whose prices were not heated in January”

new foreign cash flows for 2011 New foreign cash flows for 2011?

31-01-2011 09:00

Vietnam was probably one of the worst regional net asset value performers in 2010 when the main VN-Index dropped by 2.2 per cent and the HNX-Index lost over 30 per cent.

short term pain from long term policies Short-term pain from long-term policies

05-12-2010 23:15

In November, the State Bank announced a series of policy adjustments to regulate inflation, plus monetary and gold markets.

equity market who dares wins Equity market: who dares wins

31-10-2010 20:30

To date, most regional indices have strongly recovered and returned to the heights of 2007-2008 before the global financial crisis struck.

market at mercy of twin drivers forces Market at mercy of twin drivers forces

06-09-2010 06:00

The market in September is expected to be driven by ‘old’ rather than ‘new’ cash flows, writes  Nguyen Viet Hung, director of SME Securities’ research & investment.

finding the right keys to unlock the third quarter Finding the right keys to unlock the third quarter

29-08-2010 22:31

By the end of July, despite about 50 per cent of listed companies having released quarterly financial reports, the stock market remained quiet with light downward adjustments.

investors told to be prudent amidst confused picture Investors told to be prudent amidst confused picture

29-08-2010 18:23

Under stable macroeconomic conditions, the local stock market in August continues to be under demand-supply balance pressures, writes Nguyen Viet Hung, Director of Research & Investment, SME Securities.

european debt crisis shakes investors nerve European debt crisis shakes investors’ nerve

08-06-2010 21:52

Hence, what happens in June depends upon how the debt crisis is controlled, although the prospects are getting brighter

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