green shoots for economic performance prospects Green shoots for economic performance prospects

15 giờ 20 phút

Amid the current health crisis, Vietnam’s economy has shown its resilience over past months. Nguyen Minh Cuong, principal country economist from the Asian Development Bank, talked with VIR’s Nguyen Thanh about the economy’s performance and its expected outlook this year, especially for foreign direct investment.

e governance approaches critical mass E-governance approaches critical mass

27-08-2020 09:38

Vietnam has made significant headway in developing an effective e-government, making public services far more accessible for enterprises, investors, and individuals.

new zealand ties reach new level New Zealand ties reach new level

28-07-2020 17:06

With Vietnam and New Zealand lifting their comprehensive partnership to a strategic one, a wide door is to open for both nations to further cement their trade and investment ties, which currently remain humble.

axing red tape to boost investment Axing red tape to boost investment

20-07-2020 21:36

Removing bureaucracy in managing and disbursing public investment will be one of the key solutions to help Vietnam accelerate the implementation of state-funded projects.

nations economic forecast leads way Nation’s economic forecast leads way

30-06-2020 09:42

With its success in fighting COVID-19, Vietnam has continued to be the best performer in Southeast Asia, laying a firm foundation for the country to attract more investment and spur on production.

business bemoans support conditions Business bemoans support conditions

26-06-2020 10:00

Amid numerous difficulties, slow-paced implementation of government-led policies to assist enterprises hit by the health crisis are leaving many businesses in the lurch, making it hard to boost local production, a key driver of  economic growth.

economic growth slows as gdp rate threatened Economic growth slows as GDP rate threatened

18-04-2020 08:00

Sticky projected prospects caused by the global health crisis among  Vietnam’s key trading partners are expected to hit the domestic economy this year with the manufacturing and processing sector, one of the key growth pillars, to be hit hardest.

transitioning the country towards a more feasible energy system fit for the future Transitioning the country towards a more feasible energy system fit for the future

17-04-2020 09:00

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been an important source of energy for countries worldwide. According to a recent Norwegian-based report, 42 countries are importing LNG to balance their local insufficiency of energy. One of the important benefits of this type of gas is to reduce emission of pollutants into the environment, especially CO2. It is mostly used for energy production, although there is a trend of increasing use of LNG in industrial production activities.

loan policy a true juggling act Loan policy a true juggling act

14-04-2020 13:00

The health crisis has led to huge demand for capital for Vietnam to fuel domestic production activities and medical treatment. However, questions arise over how the country can positing itself to access more international loans amid its efforts to control public debts.

visas options open up for overseas investors Visas options open up for overseas investors

02-12-2019 08:00

Non-nationals with differing investment scales in Vietnam will be granted different visas in the country, making it more favourable for authorised agencies to apply incentives to certain initiatives.

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