foreign investors to sit on the fence Foreign investors to sit on the fence

09-01-2011 16:45

As exchange rate risks remain, foreign portfolio investors are expected to continue taking a hands off approach to directly trading Vietnamese stocks.

ready to ride the wave Ready to ride the wave

04-01-2011 07:03

“Foreign portfolio capital will heavily flow into Vietnam over the next six to 18 months”

HAG looking to tap international market

21-12-2010 09:05

As international bond markets recover after the 2008 global financial crisis, Hoang Anh Gia Lai group is looking to benefit from attractive borrowing costs. 

flows are washing in Flows are washing in

13-12-2010 14:18

Foreign portfolio investment capital inflows into Vietnam will continue to rise in coming months.

Market to push back

21-11-2010 14:29

Despite short-term macro risks, Vietnam’s stock markets are primed for a comeback in 2011.

cheap valuations not tempting Cheap valuations not tempting

07-11-2010 14:11

Flagging foreign portfolio investment capital inflows this year are underlining exchange rate risks.

Land of the rising Yen on the hunt for pastures

01-11-2010 11:41

Japanese portfolio investors are set to take aim at the Vietnamese market.

basement bargain stock prices beckon Basement bargain stock prices beckon

18-10-2010 08:05

With market liquidity falling to record lows in eight months, analysts believe domestic equity prices are close to the floor.

Foreign hands continue to help prop up the market

11-10-2010 11:05

In Vietnam, the market also guesses new flows of foreign investors are coming. If this is true, it is supportive market news

rumours scotched as banks pass stress test Rumours scotched as banks pass stress test

27-09-2010 06:06

Vietnam’s vulnerable banking system has survived its initial stress test, says a leading Vietnamese economist.

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