vietnams foreign reserves hit largest scale ever Vietnam’s foreign reserves hit largest scale ever

02-03-2018 16:06

Over the span of 2017 and the first two months of 2018, Vietnam’s foreign reserves stood at $57.5 billion, six times higher than in 2015, officially attaining the largest scale in the history of the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

gso expert evaluates remittance success GSO expert evaluates remittance success

03-12-2013 09:21

In the latest forecast from the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), remittances into the country are likely to hit $11 billion this year, rising healthily against $9.75 billion last year. This would bring total remittances for the last 20 years to $84 billion.  

trade surplus to turn heads Trade surplus to turn heads

15-10-2012 14:32

Former senior economist of General Statistics Office Vietnam is on pace to record an annual trade surplus for the first time in 20 years.

gso scrutinises vn industrial output GSO scrutinises VN industrial output

18-09-2012 10:14

  Vietnam’s industrial production for the year to date is being scrutinised by a GSO senior expert. 

investors have little to play with Investors have little to play with

26-06-2012 14:36

Many analysts are scratching their heads as to what is currently the best investment channel.

cpi causing growing fear CPI causing growing fear

02-12-2010 11:48

The consumer price index this year is becoming a prime concern for society.

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