expats get to grips with new normal Expats get to grips with new normal

19-05-2020 10:31

A sense of relief and normality is creeping back into Vietnam for the expatriates of the country, many of whom were without enough work while schools remained closed. And while complexities still abound, their plans can start to get back on track, with their social lives also being given a boost.

power sector tickers prove alluring Power sector tickers prove alluring

03-12-2018 15:13

Many power firms have reported rosy business performance amid the power sector’s growing liberalisation which has fuelled market competition and bolstered the efficiency of production and business.

lucrative dividends on offer this june Lucrative dividends on offer this June

08-06-2018 14:15

Lucrative dividends presented by a number of listed firms throughout the month are expected to make their tickers more appealing to investors. 

vinacomin posts rosy first quarter results Vinacomin posts rosy first quarter results

28-04-2018 14:00

State-owned mining conglomerate Vinacomin has reported buoyant performance in the first quarter of the year, with profit touching 45 per cent of the full-year plan, driven by exceptional alumina revenue.

2018 agms promise heavy dividends 2018 AGMs promise heavy dividends

22-03-2018 15:04

Thanks to the positive business performance of Vietnam-based firms in 2017, shareholders expect large dividends in the 2018 season of annual general shareholders’ meetings (AGM).

developing domestic automobile industry to counter imports Developing domestic automobile industry to counter imports

05-03-2018 17:21

Increasing the value of domestic production and promoting the automobile supporting industry must not depend on foreign direct investment (FDI) firms.

government still indecisive in raising tax fee on pick ups Government still indecisive in raising tax, fee on pick-ups

06-05-2017 12:47

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has not yet decided on a change in the special consumption tax and registration fee applicable to pick-ups.

phuc hung holdings for new living values Phuc Hung Holdings: For new living values

05-08-2016 20:27

Cao Tung Lam, chairman of Phuc Hung Holdings Construction JSC, one of Vietnam’s top 10 building contractors, sheds light on the new living values gripping the real estate market and the company’s efforts in setting itself apart in the housing market.

abbott laboratories appears to monopolise distribution in vietnam Abbott Laboratories appears to monopolise distribution in Vietnam

07-01-2015 15:12

US-based Abbott Laboratories and its exclusive Vietnamese distributor 3A Nutrition Vietnam Co., Ltd.  appear to be monopolising the distribution of the vanilla-flavored Ensure original shake in Vietnam, according to the National Steering Committee on the Prevention and Control of Smuggling, Trade Fraud and Fake Commodities (Steering Committee 389).

tax exemption proposals on green buses vetoed Tax exemption proposals on green buses vetoed

01-10-2013 15:35

The Ministry of Finance has turned away pleas from Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong authorities seeking exemption of import duties on compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses and parts.

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