th group illustrates its value with nutritious milk varieties TH Group illustrates its value with nutritious milk varieties

2 ngày trước

As one of the most popular dairy brands in the domestic market, TH Group has been recognised as one of the chosen brands within the national Vietnam Value Programme, seeking to promote locally-sourced and high-quality goods.

competition aided with national brand initiative Competition aided with national brand initiative

3 ngày trước

The biennial Vietnam Value Programme has kicked off the promotion of high-quality goods and services produced by domestic companies since the beginning of the month. VIR’s Hai Van spoke with Vu Ba Phu, director general of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, about the ins and outs of the programme.

preliminary decision on tyre exports flusters the market Preliminary decision on tyre exports flusters the market

6 ngày trước

The global demand for rubber and tyre products has been consistently increasing throughout the last decade, with Vietnam being one of the top suppliers of these items. However, trade remedies imposed by export markets present rocks in the way of domestic manufacturers, who are now looking for solutions to avoid such measures.

rising shrimp exports require responsibility Rising shrimp exports require responsibility

06-11-2020 08:49

Vietnamese shrimp is among the most-favoured agricultural products in overseas markets. However, with increasing exports also come more complications as domestic producers must comply with high standards set forth by foreign importers and their governments to avoid trade remedies.

balanced recovery to battle unemployment Balanced recovery to battle unemployment

21-10-2020 15:16

Although Vietnam is pursuing positive economic growth this year and next, it will have to find new ways to provide sufficient employment for millions of people currently out of work.

macadamia nuts ripe for billion dollar expansion Macadamia nuts ripe for billion-dollar expansion

16-10-2020 09:00

Vietnam wants to earn around $1 billion from growing macadamia by 2030, and although some plantations have achieved partnerships with domestic buyers, the targeted revenue for the small nuts with butter-like flavour and creamy texture might be hindered by incomplete supply chains and other issues.

fish sauce producers in a tight spot Fish sauce producers in a tight spot

08-10-2020 15:00

Traditional fish sauce is one of the most typical components in Vietnamese cuisine and while its nutritional value has been analysed thoroughly, getting EU customers to consume it more regularly remains a challenge. With the domestic industry declining in the last few years, manufacturers and institutions are yearning for solutions to promote their favourite spice abroad.

vrdf highlights advantages of value chain development VRDF highlights advantages of value chain development

07-10-2020 12:36

Amid the heavy impact the pandemic has had so far on Vietnam’s economy, possible solutions to overcome the crisis and come out even stronger have been under discussion at this year’s Vietnam Reform and Development Forum. At the event, participants like the World Bank’s current vice president for the region highlighted enticing recipes for the continuation of Vietnam’s success story.

measures thrashed out to protect sugar farmers Measures thrashed out to protect sugar farmers

29-09-2020 19:12

While local sugarcane farmers have been taking a fair dent from the effects of the pandemic, regional competition fuelled by the commitments of the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement has further put pressure on them, leading to a daunting situation for the already declining sector. To protect local farmers from more harm and rejuvenate the domestic sugar industry, the prime minister has urged ministries and agencies to find solutions.

airlines reinventing the skies for agricultural business lines Airlines reinventing the skies for agricultural business lines

25-09-2020 08:00

While many of the worlds’ aircraft have been grounded throughout the pandemic, local airlines have found ways to support Vietnam’s agricultural export businesses in the wake of sky-high freight charges.

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