commodity trading and the hidden prospects behind it Commodity trading and the hidden prospects behind it

16-11-2020 10:50

Carefully picked commodities can make for a steady long-term investment, growing on the back of multi-year trends. However, zooming in on the charts shows plenty of opportunity for short-term gains, provided the trader has solid fundamentals and understands how events can ripple through the market.

why the blockchain revolution rolls on Why the blockchain revolution rolls on

09-11-2020 10:00

It has been a little over 10 years since blockchain technology and Bitcoin exploded into the public domain but, apart from making a few cryptocurrency miners rich beyond belief, the expected transformation of the world as we know it has yet to materialise. Why has the promised technological rapture not done so – and more importantly, will it ever?

new ups browntail flights an offer of partnership for rising vietnam New UPS Browntail flights an offer of partnership for rising Vietnam

07-11-2020 07:21

The introduction of the newest Browntail flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is testament to UPS’ commitment to Vietnam’s economic growth through continued investment. Russell Reed, managing director of UPS Thailand and UPS Vietnam, discusses with Tom Nguyen how the global logistics company can help Vietnamese businesses small and large capitalise on their newly strengthened access to the globe.

social trading not every investor needs to be a trader Social trading - Not every investor needs to be a trader

14-09-2020 07:18

With the advent of social trading, investing without putting in the hours of research and getting down the fundamentals no longer sounds like a recipe for disaster.

liberating reporters via advanced ai technology Liberating reporters via advanced AI technology

21-06-2020 10:00

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution gripping the globe and transforming production, business, and our everyday lives, there is little doubt that traditional newsrooms and journalism are in for a change.

vietjet upgrading order to a321neo fleet Vietjet upgrading order to A321neo fleet

05-01-2018 17:47

Vietjet has recently upgraded its standing order of 42 A320neo aircraft to the larger, yet more effective A321neo, promising the industry that it will continue on its spectacular rise in the aviation market.

reasonable chance for tpp at apec 2017 “Reasonable chance” for TPP at APEC 2017

21-10-2017 17:11

After US President Donald Trump announced the US’ withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, history’s largest trade deal to date congregating around 40 per cent of the world’s economy seemed to have fallen through. However, the eleven remaining member states decided to go ahead with the deal and may well reach a revised agreement at APEC Vietnam this November.

e commerce disrupting age old retail habits E-commerce: disrupting age-old retail habits

02-10-2017 12:21

The proliferation of retail channels and payment methods, as well as disruptive retail methods have become a growing concern capable of threatening the largest retailers in the US. What does the future hold in store for large Vietnamese retailers?

gradually extending capacity apecs new counter terrorism strategy Gradually extending capacity: APEC's new counter-terrorism strategy

20-09-2017 08:11

The APEC Counter-Terrorism Working Group (CTWG) gathered in the framework of the 3rd Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) on August 18 to work on its new five-year strategy for 2018-2022. Looking back on a year fraught with harrowing terrorist activities in developed countries and the APEC region alike, the CTWG’s work is becoming ever more important to pose a unified front and effective counter-measures for the region.

concerted effort in environmental protectionism Concerted effort in environmental protectionism

13-09-2017 13:40

APEC economies are now standing in the doorway of deeper cooperation. With climate change becoming an increasing security threat, will member economies press for a deeper cooperation at the APEC Summit 2017 this November?

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