budget rise to cushion countrys growth hopes Budget rise to cushion country’s growth hopes

2 ngày trước

With an expected economic growth rate of 2-3 per cent this year, the National Assembly has decided on a rise in budget deficit in order to ensure state budget spending, amid enterprise revenues being hit by the health crisis.

storm hit families grasping the knowledge to overcome Storm-hit families grasping the knowledge to overcome

5 ngày trước

Extreme weather is challenging ordinary Vietnamese people, with many failing to know how to fully protect themselves from natural disasters. However, a far-reaching internationally-backed initiative has become increasingly popular among some localities nationwide as it provides them with community-based disaster risk management skills.

curbed inflation eases concerns Curbed inflation eases concerns

12-11-2020 08:00

The big rise in public investment disbursement will not cause high inflation this year due to a decline in public and business demand and oil price, as well as government efforts to stabilise prices.

raising growth via public investment Raising growth via public investment

27-10-2020 18:58

The government has proposed a strong 5-year increase in public investment to achieve high economic growth, with more opportunities for private investors to join.

new tech to bolster asean e trade New tech to bolster ASEAN e-trade

24-10-2020 10:00

Vietnam as ASEAN chair this year is accelerating the application of digital technologies and administrative reforms to facilitate intra-bloc e-trade activities.

na targeting business recovery and growth NA targeting business recovery and growth

21-10-2020 15:12

The 10th session of the 14th National Assembly will kick off this week, with a major focus to be placed on discussing solutions to further support businesses in the context of their recovering performance despite headwinds negatively impacting on the economy’s growth.

new japanese pm cementing bonds New Japanese PM cementing bonds

19-10-2020 08:45

With the official visit by Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide to Vietnam taking place this week, the Southeast Asian nation is still considered a special partner of Japan in its focus on cementing ties with ASEAN.

businesses line up for further support Businesses line up for further support

13-10-2020 22:50

Continued facing with massive woes, the business community in Vietnam is in dire need of the government’s assistance for investors and enterprises to struggle through the global health crisis and grabbing new business and investment options in the country.

germans ramping up vietnamese interest Germans ramping up Vietnamese interest

07-10-2020 12:48

Fostering development cooperation with a focus laid on renewables continues to be one of the prime priorities in the strategic partnership advancement between Vietnam and Germany.

blending welfare into pursuit of prosperity Blending welfare into pursuit of prosperity

29-09-2020 19:02

In its efforts to become a more affluent nation by 2035, Vietnam has made significant improvements in improving its Human Capital Index.

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