mwg and tag opened doors for further ma MWG and TAG opened doors for further M&A

10-01-2018 15:04

Acquiring Tran Anh (TAG) is expected create additional diversity in the operations of Mobile World Group (MWG), while the M&A deal between the two largest local electronic retailers also opens expectations for further M&A deals among competitors in the sector.

electrolux sets sight on sunhouse to dominate household appliance market Electrolux sets sight on Sunhouse to dominate household appliance market

26-12-2017 15:41

In the last five years, Electrolux has kept its ambition to dominate the household appliance markets over the world and have been constantly doing acquisition deals. In Vietnam, Sunhouse is the corporation’s current goal.

who will take control of billion dollar pharmaceutical market Who will take control of billion-dollar pharmaceutical market?

19-12-2017 16:14

With hefty experience in distribution and retail, Mobile World, FPT Retail, Digiworld, and Nguyen Kim have been entering pharmaceutical retail, but who will seize control?

multibillion dollar ma wave targeting vietnamese smes Multibillion-dollar M&A wave targeting Vietnamese SMEs

14-11-2017 19:29

Instead of focusing on conducting M&A deals to acquire large-scale Vietnamese enterprises, South Korean enterprises are now eyeing small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in different sectors to conduct M&A activities in Vietnam. 

cj group buying offensive to bring revenue to 90 billion CJ Group buying offensive to bring revenue to $90 billion

14-10-2017 17:45

In order to accomplish the revenue target of $90 billion by 2020, CJ Group (South Korea) must dominate all four key business areas in which the group is expanding its business activities. Therefore, continuously acquiring targeted companies appears to be the fastest way.

mobile world hitting the brakes Mobile World hitting the brakes?

03-10-2017 12:36

When it is impossible to break through market saturation and escape the downward spiral of stagnant growth, founders of local retail businesses often decide to sell their enterprises to find other opportunities. Is this also true for Mobile World Group?

franchise battle stirring up vietnamese milk tea market Franchise battle stirring up Vietnamese milk tea market

15-09-2017 11:37

The milk tea market is heating up day by day as a number of foreign giants have been opening franchise stores in Vietnam, reviving the trend that once hyped up the beverage market.

galaxy studio denies galaxy cinema sale rumours Galaxy Studio denies Galaxy Cinema sale rumours

09-08-2017 22:33

Galaxy Studio refutes putting Galaxy Cinema on sale for $25 million

vietnamese retail sector to flourish in aec era Vietnamese retail sector to flourish in AEC era

08-08-2017 16:01

Since the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Vietnam has become a potential market for regional retailers, which promotes the development of the domestic retail sector, but also alerts domestic enterprises to watch out and continuously improve to not fall behind in this fierce competition. 

small home appliance manufacturers struggle to gain domestic market share Small home appliance manufacturers struggle to gain domestic market share

03-08-2017 15:32

The Vietnamese home appliance industry is luring in numerous foreign manufacturers from Thailand and China, making it harder for domestic enterprises to gain significant market share in this field.

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