Schneider Electric celebrates 25th anniversary with Innovation Day

08:02 | 22/04/2019
Schneider Electric, a pioneer in the field of digital transformation, energy management, and automation, has recently hosted an Innovation Day in Ho Chi Minh City to mark its 25th anniversary of operations in Vietnam.
schneider electric celebrates 25th anniversary with innovation day
Schneider Electric is committed to accelerating its development in Vietnam in Industry 4.0

The event marks an important milestone in Schneider Electric’s journey of contributing to the Vietnamese community in general and the Vietnamese energy sector in specific over the past 25 years. It also reflects the firm’s unwavering commitment to Vietnam’s transition towards Industry 4.0.

Since the beginning days of opening up its market, Vietnam has made great strides to grow. This has led to a rapidly growing demand for electricity. However, at the time, there was no sufficient electricity supply in the central and southern regions to keep pace with economic growth.

When Schneider Electric entered Vietnam, the group collaborated with the government between 1991 and 1993 to develop the 500KV North-South Transmission Line Circuit 1 stretching over 1,487 kilometres from Hoa Binh to Ho Chi Minh City. The project opened up a new era for Vietnam by supplying electricity to the whole country and boosting productivity growth. It also laid a solid foundation for long-term collaboration between Schneider Electric and Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), which has remained steadfast to date.

Since its official operation in Vietnam in 1994, Schneider Electric has been continuously merging and joining forces with many big names in the industry to expand its product portfolio to improve its capacity and serve the needs of Vietnamese businesses and consumers. Schneider Electric opened a new factory in 2017, marking a milestone in its journey of providing high-quality products to local and foreign markets.

Schneider Electric also signed a memorandum of understanding with FPT Corporation in November for the development and deployment of the EcoStruxure technology platform and training skilled human resources. The signing ceremony took place in the presence of French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Over the past 25 years in Vietnam, Schneider Electric continues to implement its brand strategy “Life is On,” which means a good life and modern civilisation can only be “on” if energy is available. The firm has been active in both business and corporate social responsibility activities like the Go Green in the City challenge and the Light it Up project. These initiatives unlock the full potential of the global corporation to strengthen its position in Vietnam as well as fulfil its commitment to the development of Vietnam through technological advances and human resources building with a view to managing power efficiently.

The Innovation Day not only marks a significant change in the development of Schneider Electric, but also confirms its pioneering position in the digital transformation of energy management and automation in the next phase of development.

schneider electric celebrates 25th anniversary with innovation day
Top-notch experts focusing on hot topics about smart city development

The Innovation Day has brought together experts and industry leaders to deliver an insight into digital transformation in the era of Industry 4.0. The event includes engaging presentations and in-depth discussions on topics such as how to manage and operate power efficiently at different kinds of architectures like buildings, data centres, factories, and industrial parks.

In particular, a session themed “Smart cities and smart buildings” has also introduced useful and innovative products and services for smart city development. This is in line with the government’s strategy to develop sustainable Smart City hubs across the country in the 2018-2025 period as well as meeting the demand of enterprises and citizens.

At Innovation Day, visitors can have a chance to admire and experience innovative solutions presented on the side-lines of the conference. Some of these solutions include EcoStruxure for Building, Power Tag, EcoStruxure Machine & Plant, EcoStruxure Grid, EcoStruxure for Data Centres, and Connected Living. These key solutions will help Vietnam to manage energy efficiently and catch up with the trend of digital transformation.

Yoon Young Kim, country president of Schneider Electric Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia, said, “We have been operating in Vietnam for 25 years, and we expect that in the next 25 years, Schneider Electric will make positive contributions to the socioeconomic development of Vietnam. In the coming time, we will continue to research and introduce international-standard products with reasonable prices in Vietnam, especially with an emphasis on EcoStruxure solutions. We will relocate our production from Malaysia to Vietnam to double the output of the factory at Saigon Hi-tech Park as well as teaming up with more enterprises to accompany Vietnam in the Industry 4.0.”

schneider electric celebrates 25th anniversary with innovation day
Booths showcasing the latest solutions and products for digital transformation, energy management, and automation

By Thanh Van

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