SCG steadily develops human resources

16:20 | 21/10/2013
Human resources development has been one of leading ASEAN business conglomerate SCG’s key factors to success over the past century.

scg steadily develops human resources

Under SCG’s business philosophy ‘Believe in the value individual,’ SCG people are a cornerstone of the group’s operations.

“SCG people are those individuals who consistently adhere to SCG’s Four Core Values, who are open minded and ready to face challenges, and who are always keen to learn and develop themselves,” said SCG president and CEO Kan Trakulhoon.

“They will help SCG ride out difficulties and pursue its future of new innovations and ever higher standards of performance for the coming century,” he continued.

SCG people are considered the driving force behind SCG’s rising to a leadership position across numerous fields. They are dedicated, talented and ethical and believe in being innovative and open to new challenges.

The strength and value of SCG people has always been a product of example. Young employees learn from experienced staff and it is the responsibility of senior staff to educate those below them in these values. One generation passes on their experience and knowledge to the next.

The values include fairness, meaning that SCG is committed to fairness between all concerned parties; dedication to excellence, meaning that SCG expects employees to consistently demonstrate excellence; belief in the value of the individual, reflecting SCG’s perspective that employees are its most valuable assets; and concern for social responsibility, defining SCG’s goal of being a good corporate citizen in communities in which it operates.

Trakulhoon said that all the company’s employees, or SCG people, must commit to the Four Core Values and the concept of ‘talented and ethical’ without compromise. The values cross generational divides and upheld by the company’s executives and staff all over the world. Now matter how innovative the organisation, these four values must be instilled.

SCG’s view is that its continued success relies on these values and that they are a heritage and tradition that form a working culture that propels the company forward and help maintain it as a leader in the ASEAN region.

“For this reason, these principles are communicated to all our employees, leading to a shared sense of purpose for the mutual benefit of all,” explained Trakulhoon.

SCG sees personnel development as a long-term investment that adds value to the organisation, and it holds a wide range of activities that are consistent with its growth strategy.

SCG continuously develops the potential and global skills of employees to prepare them for overseas job assignments. Acknowledging the differences in culture, language, and the business environment, the group looks to see its overseas subsidiaries grow while maintaining their appropriate local conditions.

In order to become an innovative organisation, the group continues to develop its human resources management. Promising new employees with high potential to create new innovations have been recruited while the existing employees have been equipped with knowledge and ability to drive innovations.

Regardless of nationality and countries, SCG considers employees as an integral part of its business that deserves proper care, development, and career opportunities. They are given a chance to take turns to work in different countries as deemed appropriate.

SCG encourages the exchange and sharing of knowledge among employees working regionally to a create network for the benefits of business operations. The group also pledges to improve the quality of life of its employees, both local and expatriates, working overseas to meet the standards of leading companies in order to attract smart and ethical persons to work for the group and create employee loyalty in working for mutual prosperity.

By By Thanh Thu

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