SAP calls businesses to embrace intelligent technologies

16:04 | 28/07/2019
SAP SE (NYSE: SAP), one of the market leaders in enterprise application software, encourages businesses in Vietnam to lead and create new business models through the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the Asian Innovators Summit (AIS) organised in Ho Chi Minh City.
sap calls businesses to embrace intelligent technologies
SAP calls businesses to accelerate Vietnam’s growth with intelligent technologies

The event, attended by business and technology leaders, provides a platform for Vietnamese businesses to gain valuable insights on how the latest technology and solutions can help accelerate their innovation agenda and help create new business models through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Today’s consumers are well-connected and well-informed. They expect more than just a standard, one-size-fits-all product from brands – they need an individualised product tailored to their needs. They look for an entirely different experience throughout the engagement of buying products and services.

This puts businesses in a dilemma because the industry today may not yet be ready to meet new emerging demands. According to Josephin Galla, managing director of SAP Vietnam, the industry today is still in the assembly line production mode. There are serious challenges such as real-time supply chain management, agility, product innovation and manufacturing models to be put in place to meet the new demands more effectively.

In addition, Industry 4.0 is quickly shifting manufacturing from isolated, optimised cells of business processes, systems, and resources to fully-integrated processes across the borders within the value chain of an industry. This opens up a lot of possibilities for innovation and improving customer satisfaction. For this reason, businesses around the world are adopting intelligent technologies to stay relevant.

“In order for companies to stay relevant, we have to combine operational and experience management data in an intelligent platform leveraging the latest intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, or IoT so we are able to understand the past, the present, and predict the future,” said Josephin.

In line with the Made in Vietnam 4.0 agenda, SAP has set its primary focus for the country in 2019 on delivering the Intelligent Enterprise to Vietnamese customers and helping them capitalise on the emerging experience economy.

Vietnam is one of SAP's fastest-growing markets in ASEAN. Today, there are 500 SAP customers from across industries in Vietnam who have adopted SAP solutions.

By Thanh Van

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