Running in step with Cargill to raise profile

06:42 | 08/01/2011
Bianfishco recently inked a cooperative programme with United States-based Cargill Group.
The Vietnamese firm’s products are full of fulsome flavour

Bianfishco will continue using Cargill aquafeed to develop its tra fish material growing areas and Cargill will supply the fishmeal to tra fish breeding families in the Mekong Delta having signed contracts with Bianfishco. Bianfishco also pledged to later buy tra fish materials from these local farmers at higher market prices.

Under the cooperative deal, Cargill will also enrich Bianfishco’s capital sources by contributing up to 20-30 per cent of its working capital and assist the firm with human  resources training, brand promotion in the world marketplace and developing tra fish value chain.

Bianfishco chairwoman and general director Pham Thi Dieu Hien said Cargill was the world’s leader in the agriculture and food sector. For its part, Cargill would be satisfied with Bianfishco’s development strategy.

Meanwhile, working with Cargill will help Bianfishco enrich its pool of experiences in production and business, diversify customer’s base and approach world’s latest management expertise to bring the company to a new high in development.

“With its prevailing advantages, Cargill has helped companies around the world come up with success. The US-based firm has selected Bianfishco as a single seafood business in Vietnam to accompany development. We are very satisfied with this cooperation,” Hien said.


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