Room-booking App could free up 12 days a year for businesses

14:52 | 25/05/2012
A new room-booking tool from Regus and Condeco could save businesses almost two hours a week in the time it takes to find and arrange external meeting rooms.

The easy-to-use software App allows companies to book rooms all over the world in minutes. Given that, at present, they can spend almost two hours phoning room providers, and managing and processing quotes, the solution can save users a huge amount of time during the year.

The partnership between Regus, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces, and Condeco brings together Regus’s global network of workspaces and Condeco’s room-booking software.

Businesses that find their own internal meeting rooms are already booked or not suitable can immediately access Regus’s network of more than 4,500 meeting rooms and 1,200 video communication facilities at over 1,200 business centres in 95 countries, courtesy of its partnership with Condeco.

The App, which is integrated with MS Outlook, lets users book space from their desktop, mobile phone or tablet when working in the office or on the move. The one-click system also removes the language barriers and time zone differences that staff may face when they try to book meeting space in a different country.

Simon Hunt, global product director e-Trading at Regus, said: “If you only book one external meeting room a week because your own meeting space is booked, you can spend an average of nearly two hours booking that one room, according to meeting industry research authority BDRC. The research also shows that 58 per cent of external meetings are triggered by lack of suitable internal meeting rooms, making the partnership between Condeco, whose software manages internal meeting rooms, and Regus, which provides external meeting rooms, hugely relevant.

“Add up the time savings from this new tool over the year, and it could save you around 90 hours annually - that’s around 12 working days a year that you could spend on more useful activities.”

Pervez Gibbs, head of Marketing, UK and North America, Condeco, added: “This exciting partnership between Condeco and Regus comes from both organisations’ understanding of how to help businesses operate more efficiently. The result is a product that will save businesses of all sizes many hours a year, and enable them to use their time better. By giving them greater clarity over their meeting room use and expenses, it will also help them track and control spending better – a valuable tool when every business is seeking greater efficiency.”

By Hoang Anh

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