Real estate and stock markets to rise above market in 2018?

08:20 | 04/01/2018
Forecast to be in a finer state than in 2017, the Vietnamese economy in 2018 is expected to provide even more favourable conditions for foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows and domestic market are promising to become stronger, resulting in more investment opportunities—especially in the stock and real estate markets.

Particularly, various commercial banks were praised for their efficient handling of bad debts, which provided momentum for the further growth of the stock market.

Besides, a significant number of enterprises plan to increase charter capital as well as list on the stock market, which would in turn raise the supply of securities.

To boot, blue-chip stocks continue to be the primary choice of investment funds, particularly overseas funds, because enterprises running effective operations are more likely to be trusted by foreign investors.

Blue-chip stocks will remain the  most popular in 2018

Due to determinants such as the substantial investment demand and the appearance of FDI inflows into project development, the real estate market would potentially preserve the price stability enjoyed throughout 2018.

The increasing supply in the real estate market remained unchanged during 2016-2017, leading led to excess supply by the end of 2017. This was particularly apparent in the high-end apartment segment.

In addition, propelled by the steady demand for low-end and mid-end apartments, the competition among developers to offer improved quality and promote affordable housing amplified the on-going heat of the housing market. Meanwhile, medium- and long-term investors stayed heavily immersed in the development of infrastructure in coastal areas.

On the contrary, despite the positive performance of the stock and real estate markets over the course of 2017, these markets were initially advised against by a considerable number of market research analysts due to the high-risk factor identified during 2015-2016.

By By The Hien

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