Quang Binh introduces the 7th mural village in Vietnam

09:24 | 19/03/2018
A 400-year-old village devastated by a tropical storm last October has gotten a facelift in the form of murals.  
quang binh introduces the 7th mural village in vietnam
Painters working on a scenic mural in the village

Work on the murals in Canh Duong village in central orovince of Quang Binh has been completed, according to the local Department of Tourism.

With the murals, the department plans to list the village among the top destinations in the province, along with such hotspots as the world’s biggest cave Son Doong.

The department will combine the murals and other local cultural identities, including ancient housing fences made with coral, a whale worshipping temple and a festival wishing for bumper catches of fish.

Canh Duong mural village is the seventh of its type in the country, behind the villages of Tam Thanh and Tam Hai in Quang Nam province, Ganh Yan in central province of Quang Ngai, Cao Lanh in the southern province of Dong Thap, a fresco alley in Danang and Phung Hung street in Hanoi.

According to the department, the murals created in the village were planned in themes that highlight its traditions, including fishing and the love of locals for whales, dolphins and other marine life.

The mural project commenced in January, with participation of 15 young Vietnamese painters. The painters completed 30 murals around the villages, making it a scenic destination.

Ngo Thi Loan, a villager said the murals have brightened the village, attracting many visitors. “I couldn’t believe the ambiance. I am thinking of opening a homestay,” Loan told Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper.

Nguyen Ngoc Linh, another resident said he fished in the past decades but now he is planning to get into the tourism industry.

Cao Quy Ha, the commune’s deputy chairman, said the 16 murals on history and tradition on the main road leading to the local beach aim to hold visitors longer at the site.

Everyone in the commune loves the murals as well as the tourism plan of local authorities, Ha said.

quang binh introduces the 7th mural village in vietnam
Dolphins and local boats depicted in a mural in the village.


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