Qualified manpower – the key to logistics development in Industry 4.0

22:35 | 10/09/2019
With the fresh advantages from free trade agreements, Vietnam’s logistics sector is facing a lack of qualified manpower. Chairwoman of IMG Logistics, Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, discussed with VIR’s Tung Anh how logistics talent contests contribute to improvements in human resources in the era of digital transformation.
qualified manpower the key to logistics development in industry 40

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has a big influence on many sectors. How is the Vietnamese logistics sector going to benefit from digital transformation?

We have seen big changes in the way products are marketed and transported in the Vietnamese and global markets. In the past, the majority of products went to the market based on supply chains, but we now have digital-based supply networks with multiple integrated channels.

In this trend, transparency, customised management, and technology application are a must. Transparency means the door-to-door information system is integrated, allowing all the parties involved to access information about costs and the status of goods.

Furthermore, with customised management, there will be no mass production and market circulation. Logistics systems will start from planning and forecasting and then support customised production.

In this new era, everything must be smarter and people must be more creative and innovative. Technology is the driver that will support this change in logistics.

Young companies are likely to have more success than the experienced ones because they are often more creative and do not get stuck in old trails. Businesses will fail if they are not willing to change.

The logistics sector is forecast to run into both advantages and challenges in disruptive technology, with human resources being among the top issues. How can Vietnam prepare qualified manpower for the future development of the logistics sector?

A skilled and talented workforce is a valuable asset for any business. At present, the Vietnamese logistics sector is seriously lacking qualified manpower. It’s projected that the logistics market will need hundreds of thousands of workers in the next five to 10 years. We have developed our own methods to select and train the workforce and this will be greatly beneficial to the development of the logistics industry in Vietnam.

The concept of logistics remains new and broad in Vietnam. IMG is dedicated to enhancing and developing the skilled labour force that is necessary for the logistics sector, and the economy as a whole to succeed and grow.

qualified manpower the key to logistics development in industry 40
Students attend the launch of the Vietnam Young Logistics Talents 2019

How can the Vietnam Young Logistics Talent contest contribute to increasing people’s awareness about the important role of manpower while promoting co-operation between schools and businesses?

The Vietnam Young Logistics Talent contest is very important as an innovation hub, communication and training channel, helping to increase awareness about the importance of human resources in logistics development while giving an opportunity for the next generation of students to learn from the experiences and interact with businesses in the sector.

We strongly support such events and are honoured to be a sponsor of these activities. We will invest in the future generations through training schools and centers.

As a sponsor of this contest, what are IMG’s goals in developing human resources for its business and investment plans?

Through the Vietnam Young Logistics Talent contest, IMG affirms its strong determination to be a driving force of the development of the logistics sector. We hope to give an opportunity for all stakeholders, including managers, supervisors, and staff to improve their skills and careers.

In the next 10 years, IMG is expected to contribute to meet the growing demand for human resources training in areas of maritime, aviation, railway, inland waterway to e-commerce warehouses, planning and forecasting, multi-modal transportation, security management of supply chain, global procurement, and the management of digital supply chain, among others.

IMG sees the future growth of the logistics sector as not only crucial to its own business, but to the overall success of Vietnam as a nation.

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