Providing successful surgeries that helps improve patient mobility

08:00 | 24/07/2020
City International Hospital’s (CIH) Trauma-Orthopaedics Department has successfully completed hip and knee replacement surgeries for many patients with progressive loss of motor function due to necrosis of the femur, femoral neck fracture, and severe knee degeneration.  

According to Dr Pham Chi Lang, MD, PhD, head of Trauma-Orthopaedics Department at CIH, the replacement of the whole hip joint is ordered by the doctor in case of necrosis of the femoral head, while partial hip replacement is requested when the neck bone thigh is fractured. For total knee replacement, the main cause is severe knee osteoarthritis.

Dr Lang further explained that the purpose of hip and knee replacement surgery is to help patients relieve pain, improve motor functions, and restore other joint functions. The damaged parts of the hip or knee joint are removed and replaced with artificial implants.

providing successful surgeries that helps improve patient mobility
Dr Pham Chi Lang, MD, PhD, head of Trauma-Orthopaedics Department

Recently, City International Hospital of Orthopaedic Injury successfully treated and did surgery on many patients with femoral head gangrene, femoral neck fracture, and severe knee osteoarthritis. For instance, a male patient named T.C.D. (69, Tien Giang province) came to CIH for a check-up with severe pains and difficult movement that bound him to a wheelchair.

Through examination and diagnostic imaging tests, the patient was diagnosed with grade 4 left femoral necrosis in critical stage and was put forward for hip replacement surgery.

T.K.L, the daughter of patient T.C.D, said that her father started feeling pain when walking more than two years ago. He went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with sciatica in the spinal region and was prescribed medication. A year ago, his pains became excruciating and he could not lift his feet, which made everything difficult. The family decided to take the patient to CIH where Dr Pham Chi Lang has diagnosed him with femoral head gangrene and decided on taking a surgery.

The surgery was successfully conducted on May 5, 2020. A month since then, the patient's health is stable and he is experiencing far less pain and has reported recovered motor functions that allow him to walk smoothly.

Another case involving Dr Pham Chi Lang was the successful treatment of a male patient named L.T.X. (69, Long An) who arrived with knee pain. Previously, the patient was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and received medical treatment.

The pain, however, did not subside, especially after a high mountain trip. His knees hurt a lot and the patient could not walk normally. The patient later came to CIH and was examined and X-rayed by Dr Lang. Results showed that the patient had severe left-knee osteoarthritis. The most suitable surgery method was to replace the whole left knee joint. After more than a year of successive surgeries to date, the motor function of the patient has improved significantly. He can now walk normally and no longer feel pain in the knee.

A female patient named L.T.H.T. (60, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City) who was re-examined half a year after knee replacement surgery. She said she had been having pains for more than 10 years but could still walk, so she only needed medical treatment. About two years ago, the pain increased to a pitch that she could not move by herself, so she went to the hospital for examination. After a scan, finding that the patient has severe knee osteoarthritis, Dr Pham Chi Lang appointed surgery to replace the left knee joint. After two months of surgery, the patient was able to walk normally, exercise, walk, and climb the stairs.

“I no longer feel any pain and have regained my health very quickly. The surgery was not a great experience, but the recovery process was pleasant, not so exhausting. I am completely satisfied with my decision to undergo surgery,” T. said.

providing successful surgeries that helps improve patient mobility
Patient L.T.H.T. came for her re-examination at the Trauma-Orthopaedics Department

The stories above are just three of the many patient cases who came to CIH’s Trauma-Orthopaedics Department – a reliable place for treatment and replacement of knee and hip joints.

According to Dr Lang, knee and hip replacement is a difficult surgery, requiring high skills and modern methods. Not all cases of joint pain require joint replacement surgery. The doctor must access the medical history, consider subclinical results such as X-ray and other tests, and more. From there, the doctor will evaluate whether the hip and knee replacement surgery is the best way to reduce pain and improve patients’ motor skills.

Doctors will also need to carefully consider other treatment options such as medical treatment, physiotherapy, or other surgical methods to bring the best treatment to the patient.

"The doctor must put the safety of the patient first and after the knee or hip replacement surgery, patients have to walk and do normal activities," said Pham Chi Lang.

providing successful surgeries that helps improve patient mobility
Dr Pham Chi Lang examines motor function for a patient

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