going green to save a bundle Going green to save a bundle

By By Ha An 10:00 | 08/06/2015

Over the course of their lifetime, green buildings with eco-friendly design and resource-efficient usage save on operating costs, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and improve the residents’ quality of life.

green buildings the rising trend Green buildings: the rising trend

By By Ha An 09:41 | 02/06/2015

Buildings impact directly and indirectly on their surrounding environment, as during their construction and over the course of their lifetime ...

green buildings key to sustainable urban development in vietnam Green buildings – key to sustainable urban development in Vietnam

17:00 | 18/05/2015

In a rapidly urbanising Vietnam, buildings consume about 36 per cent of the nation’s energy, and produce about one third ...

solar power is key to green building Solar power is key to green building 2

10:15 | 08/05/2015

With Vietnam set to become a net energy importer in the near future, renewable energy solutions such as solar power ...

country profits from green building Country profits from green building

11:02 | 24/11/2014

Green building means more than just energy efficiency. The most important issue in green building is that the environment inside ...

green building a better approach Green building - a better approach

16:04 | 28/10/2014

Green building provide an opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves. Looking to other markets in the Southeast Asia region, green ...

going green is not that pricey Going green is not that pricey

11:08 | 13/10/2014

Do Huu Nhat Quang, co-founder and business development director of green building consultancy GreenViet, argues that green building plans aren’t ...

green buildings offer that elusive sexy factor Green buildings offer that elusive ‘sexy’ factor

15:05 | 07/07/2014

Do Huu Nhat Quang, a founder of GreenViet, which provides green building consultancy services in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, argues ...

mythbusting green building costs Mythbusting green building costs 1

By By Ngoc Anh 15:56 | 03/06/2014

Despite being one of the most rapidly-urbanising countries on the planet, Vietnam still boasts a woefully small number of buildings ...

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