environmental tact appears in vietnamese living space Environmental tact appears in Vietnamese living space

By Sam Luong 19:29 | 28/03/2018

The leading property developers in the country are going out of their way to offer environment-friendly living spaces to residents in urban areas.

green construction materials gaining ground Green construction materials gaining ground

By Viet Dung 21:00 | 15/03/2018

Recognising that green materials will be an inevitable market trend, a lot of businesses have decided to “step in,” first ...

green buildings an indispensable trend Green buildings An indispensable trend

By Duc Thanh 15:53 | 15/03/2018

Green building has become a growing trend worldwide and real estate developers in Vietnam have begun to pay heed.

vietnams green dream within reach Vietnam’s green dream within reach

By Ngoc Diep 13:25 | 13/03/2018

Starting from a single green building, Singapore has risen to become the green city of Southeast Asia aiming to green ...

green building towards sustainable development Green building towards sustainable development

By By Bich Ngoc 21:06 | 05/10/2017

The concept of green building is still relatively new to the public and is not properly and fully understood by ...

green building trending experts Green building trending: experts

09:26 | 02/10/2017

Investing in a green factory is a strategic factor in achieving sustainable growth, both bringing tangible benefits to investors and ...

ifc launches edge green building certification system in vietnam IFC launches EDGE green building certification system in Vietnam

By By Nhue Man 18:24 | 08/06/2015

Vietnam became the first market in East Asia IFC has introduced EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), which empowers developers ...

going green to save a bundle Going green to save a bundle

By By Ha An 10:00 | 08/06/2015

Over the course of their lifetime, green buildings with eco-friendly design and resource-efficient usage save on operating costs, reduce greenhouse-gas ...

green buildings the rising trend Green buildings: the rising trend

By By Ha An 09:41 | 02/06/2015

Buildings impact directly and indirectly on their surrounding environment, as during their construction and over the course of their lifetime ...

green buildings key to sustainable urban development in vietnam Green buildings – key to sustainable urban development in Vietnam

17:00 | 18/05/2015

In a rapidly urbanising Vietnam, buildings consume about 36 per cent of the nation’s energy, and produce about one third ...

solar power is key to green building Solar power is key to green building 2

10:15 | 08/05/2015

With Vietnam set to become a net energy importer in the near future, renewable energy solutions such as solar power ...

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