opening door to opportunities Opening door to opportunities

By Thanh Thuy 17:29 | 09/11/2010

A large-scale property conference is to get its teeth into the local real estate market.

knight frank vietnam opens its first property centre Knight Frank Vietnam opens its first Property Centre

By Bich Ngoc 23:09 | 30/11/2010

Knight Frank, one of the leading property consultants in Vietnam today opened its Property Centre in Vietnam. The company claims ...

hanoi apartment prices expected to cool down by 2012 Hanoi apartment prices expected to cool down by 2012

09:55 | 30/11/2010

Prices of apartments in Hanoi are expected to drop by late 2011 or early 2012 as an abundance of new ...

land case corruption remains a thorny issue Land case corruption remains a thorny issue

By Bich Ngoc 20:30 | 29/11/2010

Land management corruption is still alive despite great efforts to kill it.

vietnam learning lessons from developed asian real estate markets Vietnam learning lessons from developed Asian real estate markets

17:30 | 29/11/2010

A recent conference suggested trends have proven to keep investors focused on upper-scale real estate projects for high-income earners rather ...

Thu Thiem is recalibrating itself

By Ly An 20:16 | 28/11/2010

Ho Chi Minh City’s mega new urban area is refreshing itself following the local authorities’ remarkable efforts to accelerate the ...

property loses golden lustre duet Property loses golden lustre duet

By Ly An 20:16 | 28/11/2010

Property prices are likely to dim in comparison to gold and US dollar market pricing fevers.

Apartment segment is going off the boil

By Hai Quy 20:16 | 28/11/2010

“There are many people with enough money to purchase the units. However, the real demand for living in high-end apartments ...

foreign investments slide into vietnams property market Foreign investments slide into Vietnam’s property market

By Thuy Vu 16:00 | 27/11/2010

Foreign realty groups and asset managers are pouring into the national property market.

Indian real estate sector rocked by loans-for-bribes scam

15:25 | 26/11/2010

Shares in Indian real estate companies fell sharply on Friday amid worries about the impact of an alleged loans-for-bribes scandal ...

hanois low income housing lucky draw answers hopes of 226 families Hanoi’s low income housing “lucky draw” answers hopes of 226 families

21:25 | 25/11/2010

226 fortunate low-income bidders were among those selected in a “lucky draw” which 501 people participated in to become buyers ...

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