Power Machines establishes co-operation with APEC

11:00 | 08/11/2017
Russian power engineering company Power Machines has been working for decades on the international market and its products have proved to be high-quality, safe, and reliable and are in great demand by the energy companies of APEC member economies.
Power Machines establishes co-operation with APEC
Russian conglomerate Power Machines is ready to take on the APEC energy market

Power Machines is able to provide a full range of services in the construction, operation, and maintenance of energy facilities with the existing turbine, generator, and auxiliary equipment design and manufacturing sites.

After joining the group of boiler plants, plants for the production of small and medium-sized turbines, and the formation of a joint venture with Toshiba in the part of transformer equipment, Power Machines is now stronger than ever.

The co-operation between Power Machines and Vietnam began more than half a century ago, with the delivery of three generators for Thac Ba hydraulic power plant, which was the country's most powerful unit for a long time. The company also provided equipment to Uong Bi and Pha Lai thermal power plants, as well as Tri An and Hoa Binh hydraulic power plants.

In the early 2000s, Power Machines came back to the Vietnamese market as an equipment supplier of two hydraulic power plant projects: Yali and Can Don. Contracts for construction of Se San 3 hydraulic power plant and the second stage of Uong Bi thermal power plant helped to consolidate the company's success in Vietnam.

Power Machines establishes co-operation with APEC
Power Machines has had a hand in 15 per cent of Vietnam's total energy output

The total capacity of the power units and hydroelectric sets produced by Power Machines and installed in Vietnam until today amounts to more than 4,500 megawatts, about 15 per cent of the country's present power capacity.

Today, existing and future projects of Vietnamese power market customers and the Russian energy machine manufacturer are discussed at intergovernmental meetings and forums. The business activities of Power Machines in Vietnam, from building Long Phu-1 thermal power plant from scratch to delivering equipment to strategically important energy facilities, such as QuangTrach and Long Phu-3 thermal power plants, as well as Hoa Binh hydraulic power plant, are carried out with state support from both countries.

In the early 2000s, Power Machines opened a representative office for the South and Southeast Asia region located in Hanoi. Today, the representative office is a large-scale centre having a front office with ambitious goals: the co-ordination of regional activities, promotion of the whole products and services range of Power Machines, as well as analysing opportunities of co-operation and localisation. The office takes part in industry-specific events, supervises current projects, and renders all kinds of assistance to partners and customers on various matters.

In Southeast Asia and the region, Power Machines is already successfully supplying spare parts for hydroelectric power plants in the Philippines, and in the near future the company is planning to offer its service products and new solutions in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, among others.

Power Machines establishes co-operation with APEC
Power Machines was the first Russian engineering company to implement a project in Chile, expanding its footprint into the APEC market

In the 1990s, Power Machines took part in the construction of two large-scale hydraulic power plants of the the Mexican energy market: Aguamilpa with a capacity of 975MW and Uites with 442MW. Due to the high quality of the equipment manufactured by Power Machines, the Russian enterprise obtained the certificates of "Reliable Supplier" from Mexico's Federal Commission on Electricity.

In 2005, Chile was added to Power Machines' fast-growing list of partners, expanding its footprint on the APEC economies by winning a tender to supply equipment for Kilieko hydraulic power plant. With this, Power Machines became the first Russian power engineering company to implement a project in this Latin American country.

Having a rich experience of co-operation and a serious track-record of successes, Power Machines expects to strengthen its presence and establish co-operation in the energy market of APEC economies in the nearest future.

By By Ngan Ha

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