Phu Yen separates itself from the pack

14:00 | 18/01/2018
Aside from the advantages common to most other central coastal provinces, such as a coastline and a section of National Highway 1, Phu Yen possesses distinct advantages that can be seen in few other places.
Tuy Hoa airport provides a key regional advantage for investment in Phu Yen

For example, an airport is nestled next to the city of Tuy Hoa, the heart of the province of Phu Yen. The province is also a location which possesses a raft of natural attractions recognised nationwide.

Almost every locality on the southern and central coast has its own airport. Phu Yen is the region’s only coastal province with an airport situated in its biggest city, aside from Danang. In the province of Quang Nam, Chu Lai airport is located more than 30 kilometres from Tam Ky city. In Binh Dinh province, Phu Cat airport is nearly 40km from Quy Nhon city.

In addition, convenient transport infrastructure is in place connecting Tuy Hoa airport with Tuy Hoa city and the coastal road from Tuy Hoa to Vung Ro.

To boost its capacity, the Airports Corporation of Vietnam, Vietnam’s largest state-owned airport operator, has pumped capital into building Tuy Hoa airport’s civil aviation logistics.

Among other things, the project consists of different components such as building plane parking spaces, a passenger terminal, and car parks, as well as upgrading the runway and road system.

Bai Mon-Mui Dien, one of the well-known natural attractions in the province

With about VND400 billion ($18 million) in total investment capital, the airport plans to receive flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, marking distinct progress in the airport’s development in both appearance and service quality, focusing on the criteria of modernity and friendliness.

The project’s completion bears great significance to realising Phu Yen’s social and economic development strategy, particularly regarding the use of the province’s tourism advantages.

In an attempt to meet the sharply rising demand from local residents and investors, Phu Yen has issued several proposals to the Ministry of Transport to allow upgrading and expansion of Tuy Hoa airport in order to boost the passenger and freight transport capacity.

“Expanding and upgrading the airport to increase flight frequency not only serves the people’s travel demands and attracts investment, but also actively supports Phu Yen in realising its tourism development breakthrough strategy,” said Phan Dinh Phung, Deputy Chairman of the Phu Yen province People’s Committee.

Several other large projects are in development in the province, including the landmark Bac Van Phong Special Economic Zone, soon to be established.

Compared to other localities on the south-central coast, Phu Yen benefits from a multitude of natural attractions which are very appealing to visitors. The most popular destinations are Ghenh Da Dia, Bai Mon-Mui Dien, Xuan Dai bay, Da Bia mountain, Bai Xep, and Thap Nhan.

To utilise these advantages, provincial leaders have committed to attracting more domestic investment, in addition to stepping up their efforts to woo foreign capital flow and enable technology and modern management skill transfers.

“Unlike other localities in the region, Phu Yen needs to make a change in its economic structure that suits its potential and capacities, keeping an edge in development and economic structure transformation,” said Nguyen Chi Hien, Deputy Chairman of the Phu Yen People’s Committee.

According to Hien, the province is deploying an action programme on tourism with concrete development plans and measures in specific development stages.

They are grouped into several key measures, namely paying heed to planning, policies, and mechanisms for tourism development; investing in essential materials at tourism centres; improving service quality; creating several distinct products; forming several distinct tourism centres in accordance with the Tourism Law; and establishing tours linking to other localities’ tourism centres.

By By Minh Khue

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