red silk cotton flowers in full bloom Red silk-cotton flowers in full bloom

17:14 | 19/03/2021

In March, people often think of the red silk-cotton flowers that signal a new crop and often remind them of joy and hope.

accounts from the pandemic frontline Accounts from the pandemic frontline

By Hoang Manh Thang 11:58 | 23/02/2021

I would say that the COVID-19 pandemic was most present to me on the night of March 6, 2020 – ...

flower street home hanoi xuan is a safe destination for tet holiday Flower street Home Hanoi Xuan is a safe destination for Tet Holiday

By Thanh Van 17:35 | 18/02/2021

Visitors can explore hundreds of flowers and traditional culture on the flower street at Splendora Urban Area in Hoai Duc ...

life in vietnams mountainous areas Life in Vietnam’s mountainous areas

12:59 | 16/02/2021

People, life and landscapes of many regions in Vietnam have been captured by female photographers from Ho Chi Minh City.

cant miss spots for cat ba sightseeing tour photos Can’t-miss spots for Cat Ba sightseeing tour (photos)

10:04 | 08/02/2021

Lan Ha Bay is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay. It consists of more than ...

tet a tet photos Tet a Tet (Photos)

14:06 | 03/02/2021

Despite the threat of the pandemic, Vietnamese people all over the country are eager to prepare for their traditional Lunar ...

charming phu quoc island city Charming Phu Quoc island city

10:02 | 20/01/2021

Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island and one of the world’s most favourite tourism destinations. Boasting many uncharted beaches and ...

moc chau plateau blooms in early spring Moc Chau Plateau blooms in early Spring

16:48 | 12/01/2021

In early days of spring, Moc Chau Plateau has become a fairyland with vibrant colours of plum and apricot flowers ...

ninh binh heaven for instagrammers Ninh Binh – Heaven for instagrammers

13:07 | 04/01/2021

Ninh Binh has emerged as an attractive tourist destination in recent years and made headlines for several times thanks to ...

fireworks light up sky on new year eve Fireworks light up sky on New Year Eve

10:58 | 01/01/2021

Fireworks lit up the sky in the capital city of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on the night of ...

giant christmas trees in capital city photos Giant Christmas trees in capital city (photos)

14:55 | 23/12/2020

Christmas atmosphere is overwhelming every corner of the capital city of Hanoi with shimmering pine trees being the most attracting ...

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