ORFARM offers 10pc discount on opening of new Bach Mai store

16:13 | 08/01/2016
ORFARM today launched its fourth showroom in Hanoi at 34 Bach Mai street in Hai Ba Trung district.


The new showroom is strategically situated between the central district of Hoan Kiem and the bustling south district of Hai Ba Trung, where Times City and Hoa Binh Green new luxury township are located.
On the occasion, ORFARM offers a discount of 10 per cent for all bills on January 8 and 9, 2016 at all showrooms in Hanoi and orders by ORFARM Hotline: 091 883 6911

For the past two years, ORFARM, whose major products are frozen organic meats and Global GAP vegetables, has been offering direct “Farm to Customer” service through its showrooms in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to maximise the benefits and conveniences for its customers and to minimise the risks of low-quality products. ORFARM’s farms apply the EM Technology™ in feeding, bedding facilities and spraying by sprinkler to any place and do not use antibiotics. 

Applying EM Technology™ in all producing process ensures all ORFARM products meet criteria such as no waste, no insecticide, no stimulus and harmful chemicals. And more importantly the technology maintains a good ecological environment without any bad smells and waste at farms as well as enriches the soil, preserves the water and makes the air pure.  

ORFARM’s pork, chicken, eggs, vegetable and fruits, therefore are granted the EMRO Green certificate by the Japanese EM Research Organisation for organic products after being strictly investigated and certified by EMRO’s experts as satisfy all the guidelines set by Japan's EMRO trademark.

ORFARM, Vietnam’s first organic food brand, helps customers understand the core value of EM food products as well as the benefits of green and clean food to their health and surrounding environment. Now more and more people demand produces that meet all the organic, high quality, safe and environmental friendly certifications. This is good news for producers and distributors such as ORFARM. 

To meet all the demands of customers, ORFARM plans to open its first showroom in the southern hub of Ho Chi Minh City in the first quarter of 2016.  

Free delivery is still available at the hotline: 0918836911 or all numbers of showrooms at website: orfarm.com.vn or fanpage: facebook.com/orfarm.com.vn 

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By By Hong Anh

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