Oppo building out a culture of gratitude

08:36 | 22/02/2020
Oppo is building out a culture of gratitude, letting not only customers and partners but even rivals know how their connections helped Oppo grow stronger – either by nourishing trust and co-operation or by setting challenges.
oppo building out a culture of gratitude
Oppo has become a beloved brand for Vietnam customers

Founder of Watami Group (Japan), Mike Watanabe, has recently stated their motto to the media, which is “to be the company getting the most ‘Thank yous’ on the planet".

“Each entrepreneur has its own orientation and style, many aim to raise revenue, some desire to make big profit. For Oppo, receiving more 'thank yous' from our staff and customers is our greatest aspiration. In fact, if we receive more compliments and satisfaction from others, we will produce better results in business growth.”

Saying “thank you” is part and parcel of social etiquette. This has become a standard for judging manners and upbringing.

In business, showing gratitude does not only bring happiness to recipients, it fixes problems and untangles relationships. Furthermore, a compliment is commonplace for friendly customers, but giving it to rivals is a far rarer occurrence.Indeed, it is the rivals who push the company to go beyond its limits and foster creativity to bring innovative products to the market.

At the same time, in business, expressing gratitude is one part of defining brand culture. Bestseller author Peter Economy, author of books like Managing for Dummies, The Management Bible, and Leading through Uncertainty, used to say that businessmen, entrepreneurs, or brands should show deep gratitude to seven key groups of people. They are staff, customers, suppliers, middle managers, consultancies, residents, friends, and family, who play important roles in the operation and development of a business.

oppo building out a culture of gratitude
Oppo showers customers with strong compliments through its "Because of you" strategy

Oppo has been steadily building a culture of gratitude over the past 10 years in Vietnam. The “Thank you for connection” programme has been running for five years in Vietnam. The company sent heartfelt “thank you” messages to all supporters for choosing and connecting with Oppo.

Using Oppo smartphones, people can achieve high-tech as well as real-life connectivity by creating meaningful memories and bringing people together to shares moments of happiness.

oppo building out a culture of gratitude
Oppo's public "thank you" to Thegioididong

2020 marks an important turn for Oppo by signalling the start of a new development phase with the ambition to become a tech leader. Lately, Oppo has developed another campaign titled “Because of you” to send their gratitude to customers, partners, and competitors. The event drew attention to Oppo's oncoming products with the message “Look forward to the ultimate”. On its website, Oppo says the “#Because of you” campaign positions customers, partners, press and media agencies, and rivals as the catalysts for the brand to improve and develop itself.

A culture of gratitude helps tighten the relationship between Oppo and its supporters. By saying “thank you”, the brand shows deep gratitude to supporters.

Every Smartphone Find is a remarkable milestone for Oppo Vietnam
  • On March 2013 – Find 5 – one of the first full HD-monitor smartphones launched to mark teh Oppo brand entering the Vietnam market.
  • On June 2014 – Find 7 – a 2K-monitor smartphone introduced with blockbuster Transformer 4 rolled out in Vietnam.
  • From 2014 to 2016, Oppo's market share reached 15.1 per cent (2015) from only 2.7 per cent and gained 21.5 per cent market share after the first five months of 2016. Oppo officially became the second-largest brand in Vietnam.
  • In July 2018, Oppo was the fourth-biggest brand in the world. Oppo launched Find X (X for 10 years) – a ceremonial product for Oppo customers.
  • In February 2018, Oppo started the “Because of you” strategy with grateful messages to users, partners, and rivals.

By Truc Anh

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