Opening a wider door to the world

08:15 | 09/07/2019
Private schools in Vietnam are booming and so-called international schools have been in the spotlight. Huge investments have been made to create new educational facilities in major Vietnamese cities which proclaim to be international yet adhere to no common standards, tarnishing the notion of the international school in Vietnamese society up to now.
opening a wider door to the world

With its debut last year, St. Nicholas International School has helped to make clear what an international school should truly be.

Nguyen Tuan Hai, CEO of Mudd Harvey JSC, which owns St. Nicholas, said, “We approached some schools and asked them for a clear notion. The various definitions they gave only worsen the confusion of the public. Only by accessing international sources abroad have we learnt that accreditation is what matters. It is the most important thing in the education business.”

Accordingly, Vietnamese parents, when choosing an international school for their children, are being more aware that how a child is assessed, and who by, is all that matters for his or her academic records within a course. Programmes accredited by a globally-recognised institution or organisation help define a prestigious school. Simply put, a graduate of such a school would be recognised as full-fledged and ready for tertiary education anywhere in the world.

opening a wider door to the world
Students at St. Nicholas will be trained holistically to reach their dream careers as well as make good contributions in the community

From the beginning, leaders at St. Nicholas shared their vision on this most important aspect. As they were looking for an international academic partner from the United States, Texas Tech University appeared at the top of their list as a century-old, world-renowned public science and research university with great academic and public service records.

“Having such a partner is a great challenge but it helps us grow,” said Hai. “The negotiation process was tough. You have to speak the same language and be on the same page with them. Texas Tech is a big name and their criteria are hard to meet.”

St. Nicholas aims to become a world-class boarding school in Vietnam. Choosing Danang as their investment location at a time when the city is becoming more cosmopolitan and most worthy of living for expats and other internationals certainly seems appropriate and wise.

Other leaders of the international school told VIR that they have always been inspired by the best American schools. They want to create an atmosphere where students can learn from one another, not just academically but also culturally. They want to diversify the curriculum, the student body, and the academic and cultural content just as Harvard has always done, to make the classroom the ultimate environment where young people can embrace the whole world.

St. Nicholas International School also expresses an ambition to create a presence in other cities across the country in the near future, which can only be good news for everybody.

St. Nicholas International School , 458 Nguyen Huu Tho Ave., Danang


By Ha Trang

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