NSN, a pioneer in renewable energy

16:00 | 27/05/2019
Continuing the success of the first solar power plant in Vietnam, TTC Phong Dien, NSN Construction & Engineering JSC, SHARP Japan Group, and GHC Investor (Thanh Thanh Cong Group) has built and inaugurated TTC Ham Phu 2 solar power plant on May 23, 2019.
nsn a pioneer in renewable energy
NSN has inaugurated TTC Ham Phu 2 solar power plant

Economic and population growth are accelerating while natural energy sources are gradually exhausted, making the problem of environmental pollution and energy security more urgent than ever. Moreover, Vietnam has an average solar irradiation of 5kWh per sq.m a day and daylight hours of up to 1,700 -2,500 hours a year. With the government’s policy encouraging investment, NSN Construction & Engineering Joint Stock Company has quickly developed a strategic plan in the solar power sector, mainly focusing on mega solar factories and solar rooftop systems.

With 16 years of experience in construction, EPC general contracting, and M&E contracting for industrial and civil projects, transmission lines, design, and construction capabilities for high-tech projects such as clean rooms and medical equipment factories, NSN has entered into a co-operation with SHARP Japan to build the first solar power plant in Vietnam – TTC Phong Dien Solar Power Plant. The factory was built on an area of 45hectare in Thua Thien-Hue province and was completed 20 days ahead of schedule, successfully began to generate power on September 25, 2018, with a capacity of 35MWac (approximately 48MWp) and estimated power output of 61,570MWh per year.

nsn a pioneer in renewable energy

NSN continued to successfully build and operate TTC Ham Phu 2 Solar Power Plant, which was inaugurated on May 23. The 54.2ha factory is located in Binh Thuan province and was successfully connected to the national grid on April 24, 2019, with a power generation output of more than 70 million KW per year.

With its long-term vision in the renewable energy sector, and building on its advantages and significant experience in project deployment, NSN directors have decided to establish the energy division, where experienced, enthusiastic, and pioneering engineers and managers constantly work towards meeting the most difficult requirements of customers.

Besides high-capacity solar power plants, NSN is also the EPC general contractor for solar rooftop projects. This is a preeminent solution to help investors such as condominiums, hotels, resorts, factories, and offices to take initiative to reduce electricity costs from the national grid, reduce rooftop temperature, take advantage of vacant areas to save costs, and generate revenue by selling the surplus electricity to EVN. NSN provides a complete design and implementation consulting package for rooftop solar power systems, including site survey, proposal design plans, effective capital recovery calculation model, construction implementation, as well as operation and maintenance.

nsn a pioneer in renewable energy

NSN has always been driving by the business principle, "Creating sustainable values", and its greatest priority is the solution of environmental and social issues. Therefore, the development strategy of NSN in the renewable energy field is not only a means of doing business but also a means to build a green and sustainable country, contributing to emissions reduction, protecting the natural environment, and combating climate change.

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