National Assembly will focus more on international integration

14:53 | 20/05/2020
The ninth session of the 14th National Assembly has kicked off on Monday morning, focusing on many issues, including socio-economic development orientations for this year amidst the raging health crisis.

National Assembly (NA) Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan stated that the agenda for the session will focus on considering and debating supplementary reports on the nation's socio-economic situation and the state budget situation for 2019, and the implementation of the Socio-economic Development Plan and state budget plan in the first months of 2020.

national assembly will focus more on international integration

The National Assembly will adopt major co-operation deals with the EU

“The year 2020 is the last one of the country’s 2016-2020 Socio-economic Development Plan (SEDP). Thus, all of you, the NA members must thoroughly and objectively analyse and discuss the current situation in order to apply proper solutions to recovering the economy after COVID-19, contributing to the accomplishment of the goals of the SEDP, and laying firm groundwork for the next stage of development,” chairwoman Ngan said.

The legislature will also consider and decide on the National Target Programme on Socio-economic Development of Ethnic Minorities and Mountainous Areas for 2021-2030, which is aimed to develop such minorities and areas in a more comprehensive and sustainable manner.

Notably, the legislative body will consider and adopt 10 laws and many draft resolutions (see box), while providing comments on another six laws, so as to institutionalise the policies and orientations of the Party and the government, regulations of the Constitution, and contributing to renewing and consolidating the NA apparatus. This will help improve the formulation and enactment of legal documents, laying down the legal foundation for the improvement of the domestic investment climate in favour of investors and enterprises.

“The laws will help create more transparency and equality among enterprises and investors,” the Chairwoman stated. “They will also help mobilise resources in society, further increasing the competitiveness of the economy and of Vietnamese enterprises in particular.”

Besides this, the NA will also consider and pass three international treaties including the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement, and the nation’s accession to Convention No.105 on Abolition of Forced Labour of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

“This will be an important milestone for the country’s international integration, laying a substantial foundation for Vietnam to boost exports, diversify export markets and export items, building up a more transparent legal and investment climate, which will enable the country to attract more investment from the EU and other regions,” Chairwoman Ngan stated.

“This will also help highlight our country’s determination to implement commitments related to labour trade agreements and perform its obligation as a member of the ILO,” she continued. “The adoption of these international treaties is quite suitable to the policies of the Party and the state during the country’s international integration process related to economy, labour, and society.”

Ten draft laws and four draft resolutions to be discussed and adopted

  • Law on amendments to the Law on National Assembly Organisation
  • Law on amendments to the Law on Enacting Legal Documents
  • Law on Young People (amended)
  • Law on Public-Private Partnership
  • Law on Mediation and Dialogue at Court
  • Law on amendments to the Law on Judicial Expertise
  • Law on amendments to the Law on Preventing Natural Calamity and the Law on Dyke
  • Law on Construction (amended)
  • Law on Investment (amended)
  • Law on Enterprises (amended)
  • Resolution on a programme on building up law and ordinances in 2021 and adjusting a programme on building up law and ordinances in 2020
  • Resolution on a supervision programme of the National Assembly in 2021
  • Resolution on piloting the urban government model in the central city of Danang
  • Resolution on exemption of agricultural land use tax

Six laws to be discussed

  • Law on Vietnamese People Working abroad under Contract (amended)
  • Law on Vietnam Border Defence
  • Law on International Agreement
  • Law on amendments to the Law on Environmental Protection
  • Law on amendments to the Law on Administrative Violation Punishment
  • Law on Residence (amended)

Moreover, the legislature will also review, debate and give opinions on a report on the socio-economic and state budget situation of 2020, including the discussion about COVID-19 prevention and fighting.

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