Murrplastik shows off innovation at Vietnam Manufacturing Expo

08:00 | 20/08/2018
With his company being one of the pioneers in the fields of professional cable management and high-tech plastics, operating since 1963 and owning over 200 patents, Gerd Nothdurft, CEO of German Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH, talked with VIR‘s Phuong Thu about his company’s ambitions and offerings for the Vietnamese market.
murrplastik shows off innovation at vietnam manufacturing expo

How can Vietnam seize the opportunity to lure the huge wave of investment in manufacturing, and how can Murrplastik’s technologies help in this process?

Murrplastik offers solutions to the challenges in the fields of energy chains, cable entry systems, conduit and fitting systems, labelling systems, and robot dresspacks. Our products can be found in many industrial sectors such as automotive, control cabinet construction, mechanical engineering, railway engineering, robotics, and automation. The industrial development of the Vietnamese market is rapid and we would like to enter this new market and grow along with it.

Rising costs in some of its neighbouring countries like China appear to create an opportunity for Vietnam to attract foreign investment. Murrplastik Asia will bring German advanced technologies and high-quality products to Vietnam and strengthen the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers. Gaining the competitive edge through innovation is one of the principles that guide us.

What is your plan for the next three to five years in Vietnam?

Vietnamese production plays a more and more important role in ASEAN’s manufacturing industry. The achievements of Vietnamese trade are also very impressive. We are confident that this market will benefit us, especially as we learn about the local customer demand and gain an overview of the market.

We will co-operate closely with local partners to develop this market in the next three years as well as increase awareness of our brand name. We will also implement more training and keep adapting to our customers’ requirements. These are our goals. For the future, we are going to observe and analyse this market carefully and develop special products for it. We may even consider opening a manufacturing facility here, depending on our business in the near future.

Do you share the view that smart factory, a part of Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is the future of manufacturing?

Industry 4.0 is becoming very popular and is indeed a new industrial revolution. Murrplastik has also joined this development. Many of our products are connected to the internet, which enables them to be more effective and user-friendly. We have a lot of solutions we can produce “on demand”, such as labelling or cable entry on demand. We also develop printers and integrate them into our clients’ systems.

What are the key products Murrplastik will present at Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018?

This is the first time we will take part in the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo. It is a good, well known platform for a foreign company to learn about the market and show off its products. We will highlight our cable chain, cable entry plate, and robot dresspack product lines.

For our cable chain solution, Murrplastik uses energy chains wherever a permanent linear and movable guide for lines and conduits in a variety of designs may be required. With the help of an “online chain builder“, technicians can make selections much more easily and precisely.

Murrplastik always focuses on system design, which is a challenge for everyone working with control cabinets, enclosures, and pre-assembled cables with connectors which need to be fed in. One of the greatest advantages of Murrplastik products is their small space requirements, because of the great packing density as well as their user friendliness. We can offer a lot of certified standard products, but we can also deliver specific, custom-made solutions for our clients.

As for robot dresspacks, well thought-out Murrplastik components provide robots with the necessary freedom for high-speed work movements and precise repetitive task completion. We offer innovative system solutions, design, development and prototyping, optimisation, and documentation.

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