SBV banks on big spending firm up economy

By Nguyen Hong 18:14 | 25/07/2005

Fearing demand for funds will fuel an interest rate bubble, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has said it will continue injecting more funds into the economy through the open market.

world bank gives leg up to furniture makers World Bank gives leg up to furniture makers

By Duong Nguyen 18:14 | 04/07/2005

The World Bank’s financing arm, International Finance Corporation (IFC), has decided to loan $14 million to two furniture makers to ...

vietnam strives to break countrys dollar reliance Vietnam strives to break country’s dollar reliance

By Van Anh 18:14 | 28/06/2005

Vietnam has unveiled measures designed to increase the use of the dong and decrease the economy’s reliance on the US ...

bidv signs off on 355m in loans BIDV signs off on $35.5m in loans

By Duong Nguyen 18:14 | 20/06/2005

The Vietnam Bank for Investment and Development (BIDV) last week signed two contracts to provide loans to Chains Caravelle Joint ...

basel prudency ensured in banks Basel prudency ensured in banks

18:14 | 13/06/2005

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) recently issued a series of regulations aimed at improving the credit quality and safety ...

prudential buys into kinh do Prudential buys into Kinh Do

By Nguyen Hong 18:14 | 06/06/2005

British life insurer Prudential Vietnam has inked a deal to buy a 6 per cent stake in the Kinh Do ...

sbv pushes more coins less notes SBV pushes more coins, less notes

By Van Anh 18:14 | 23/05/2005

The central bank is pushing forward with its plan to increase consumer coin usage by urging the government stop issuing ...

yuan rise to hit right note for vietnam Yuan rise to hit right note for Vietnam

By Joe Erlich* 18:14 | 16/05/2005

As booming exports continue to put upward pressure on China’s currency, the yuan, and US Treasury Secretary John Snow and ...

cash strapped southern city looking to bonds for bail out Cash-strapped southern city looking to bonds for bail-out

18:14 | 09/05/2005

As a key economic hub, Ho Chi Minh City is vital to Vietnam’s continued growth. But, Giang Thanh discovers a ...

mof to beef up bourse MoF to beef-up bourse

By Nguyen Hong 18:14 | 04/05/2005

In an attempt to feed the hungry Vietnamese stock market, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) last week submitted a list ...

Lacklustre debut for bonds sale

By Vu Long 18:14 | 25/04/2005

Bonds trading at the new Hanoi Securities Trading Centre (HSTC) made an inauspicious debut last week.

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