ma deal between pgbank and hdbank falls through M&A deal between PGBank and HDBank falls through

By Lam Tien 14:09 | 12/04/2021

The alleged M&A deal between HDBank and PGBank has turned sour, as confirmed by representatives from both sides.

shares to climb on positive q1 earning results Shares to climb on positive Q1 earning results

13:24 | 12/04/2021

Shares are forecast to go up this week, propelled by foreign net buying and positive first-quarter business results from listed ...

fundamentals all in place for vietnamese stocks to take off Fundamentals all in place for Vietnamese stocks to take off

By Petri Deryng, portfolio manager, PYN Elite Fund 08:00 | 10/04/2021

I recently had a discussion with our team of analysts on what the key factors are when analysts issue recommendations ...

strong rise in bank profitability in first quarter Strong rise in bank profitability in first quarter

By Thuy Vinh 15:18 | 09/04/2021

A number of banks recorded impressive growth in the first quarter and set a relatively strong profit growth target this ...

corporate bond rush heads for slowdown Corporate bond rush heads for slowdown

By Lam Tien 14:00 | 08/04/2021

With Vietnamese regulators’ efforts to minimise the risks of corporate bonds’ mass issuance, the landscape is predicted to be cooled ...

hdbank estimates 67 per cent rise in first quarter profit HDBank estimates 67 per cent rise in first-quarter profit

By HDBank 18:03 | 07/04/2021

HDBank announced that its estimate of pre-tax profit in the first quarter of 2021 exceeded VND2 trillion ($86.96 million), with ...

quick cash alternative in international bonds Quick cash alternative in international bonds

By Luu Huong 21:07 | 06/04/2021

Besides domestic cash and traditional corporate bonds, Vietnamese conglomerates are actively seeking to raise foreign funds by jumping on the ...

prudential vietnam reaffirms sustainable growth goals in 2020 Prudential Vietnam reaffirms sustainable growth goals in 2020

By Prudential Vietnam 16:00 | 06/04/2021

Prudential Vietnam reaffirmed a year of sustainable growth in 2020 while continuing to prioritise the health and wealth of customers.

a comprehensive approach to swift security assessment A comprehensive approach to SWIFT security assessment

By Tran Phuong Hong, IT Advisory director and Do Kim Hien, senior solution consultant, KPMG Tax and Advisory Vietnam 11:33 | 06/04/2021

SWIFT is a vast messaging network used by banks and financial institutions to quickly and securely send and receive information, ...

shares climb on the rise of bank stocks Shares climb on the rise of bank stocks

17:18 | 05/04/2021

Shares made strong gains on Monday morning, propelled by the growth of banking stocks.

shares rise on large cap stocks Shares rise on large-cap stocks

17:23 | 31/03/2021

The market rose on Wednesday morning on blue-chip stocks with the real estate sector continuing to lead the market's trend.

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