Midtown – The first multi-national self-contained complex of Phu My Hung

09:01 | 30/10/2018
Phu My Hung Development Corporation, the developer of Phu My Hung City Centre, has recently held the grand opening of The Peak the fourth and last component of Phu My Hung Midtown Complex.

The Peak is not only the last component of Phu My Hung Midtown, but is also the most luxurious project in the complex.

The first joint venture with foreign investors

Phu My Hung Midtown is the first joint venture project in Phu My Hung City Centre invested by Phu My Hung Development Corporation in co-operation with leading Japanese investors, including Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group, and Sumitomo Forestry Group. Those three Japanese investors occupy 50 per cent of the real estate market in all segments in Japan.

midtown the first multi national self contained complex of phu my hung
Garden and lanscape at The Peak - which will be launched in mid-November 2018

First launched in December 2016, when supply in the real estate market started picking up and facing fierce competition, Phu My Hung Midtown has been always commanding attention and has been posting impressive results at the previous sales events of other components, such as The Grande, The Symphony, and The Signature.

With the desire to develop Phu My Hung Midtown into a famous complex and a new landmark of Ho Chi Minh City, the developers have been carefully considering the partners involved in project development. These partners include design team Kyta Architects (Singapore), interior design firm Artsy Expressions (Malaysia), and Vertical Studio, as well as many other leading companies in the region in landscape design, such as H&A.

midtown the first multi national self contained complex of phu my hung
Kids room at The Peak

Five golden values

Phu My Hung Midtown is located right at the gateway to Southside District – one of the highest-quality residential areas of Phu My Hung. Southside District was designed as a premium residential area with high density of green trees and low-rise villas.

Phu My Hung Midtown consists of many golden elements. First, it is very close to the International Commercial and Financial District and The Crescent District of Phu My Hung with more than 35 multi-functional buildings, featuring offices for lease, hotels, serviced apartments, F&B, and many other services.

Second, it is located near the river, which adds significantly to the project’s charm. Third, located right at Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue and Tan Phu Road, the project has a very effective transport system.

Additionally, the project is located opposite the Sakura Park – the first one of this type built in Vietnam – and the 4.5-hectare Southside Park. Last but not least, Phu My Hung Midtown is surrounded by a variety of education facilities and campuses, including Saigon South, Le Van Tam Primary School, Tiny Flower Montessori School, as well as international schools from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Canada, not to mention the plethora of schools and arts institutions located in the neighbouring areas.

midtown the first multi national self contained complex of phu my hung
The Peak is not only the last component of Phu My Hung Midtown, but is also the most luxurious project in the complex

Phu My Hung Midtown is a convergence of golden components, unparalleled by even the rest of the projects in Phu My Hung City Centre It is worth to say that all of these components bring convenient daily living to residents, as well as directly contribute to property prices.

Serving residents’ needs

Midtown is a harmonious combination between buildings and the landscape. Its master plan has been based on the mindset of “all-in-one,” striving to offer a complete service system to residents and visitors.

The first level to this planning is the all-in-one design – "self-contained residence." Each element of the complex is planned with a range of amenities and services dedicated to residents, offering swimming pools, gym, public space, and others.

The second level of the multi-functional concept is creating a "self-contained complex." This system provides services from A to Z around the house that are available at the press of a few lift buttons, offering a shopping, dining, entertainment, relaxation, and beauty services.

The third level is the “self-contained city centre," that the residents of Phu My Hung Midtown can enjoy education, and entertainment.

midtown the first multi national self contained complex of phu my hung
Golf room at The Peak

According to the master plan, these amenities were designed in a circle spreading 800 metres from the buildings that residents can reach within a leisurely 10-minute walk.

Currently, Phu My Hung continues to invest in urban utilities and services with the aim of enhancing the quality and quantity of services to serve diverse customer groups, regardless of nationality.

The master plan idea of creating the Midtown complex is combined with a residential area with a surrounding river and beautiful parks with riverside promenade. All of the projects are arranged in harmony with nature and to overlook the river. All of these create maximum comfort for residents when returning home after work.

midtown the first multi national self contained complex of phu my hung
Waterfall of the project

The utilities provided are harmoniously planned, according to residents’ needs from the inside to the outside of the project and neighbouring areas.

When planning the Midtown complex, Phu My Hung Development Corporation expected the place to become a public space similar to The Crescent – which is a highlight of the whole Phu My Hung area and is expected to become a new landmark of Ho Chi Minh City.

The Peak will be launched in mid-November, 2018. The project is also the last component of Phu My Hung Midtown complex as well as the last chance to own a condo in this architectural masterpiece.

The Midtown complex has set a series of impressive records right after being launched

Total registration for buying: nearly 7,800 registrations

• Total number of invited guests: 4,200

• Successful rate of transaction: 98-100 per cent on the launching day

• The number of foreign and overseas Vietnamese buyers reached above 20 per cent

• 1,333 units were absorbed by the market

By Bich Ngoc

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